5 Different Kinds of Wooden Used for Manufacturing Display Fixtures

Wooden Display Fixtures

It is not surprising fact that most of the grocery and convenience stores invest money in wooden display fixtures. The reason is wood is one of the most durable and affordable materials. Thus, retailers get cost-effective display solutions when they choose wooden fixtures. The second reason is it is one material that requires little or no maintenance. Third, based on space availability in a store, retailers can choose big-sized or small-sized wood shelves or fixtures. Gondola shelving with two side racks and multi-tiered tables are right to choose when retailers are looking for spacious fixtures. Else, they can invest money in bins and Slatwall.

Retailers might feel that choosing wooden fixtures is an easy task but it is not. What happens, when they start looking for wooden fixtures, suppliers immediately ask the kind of wood they are looking for. This is one of the questions that makes them feel helpless. Isn’t it?  So, assorted below are the 5 best kind of wood commonly used for manufacturing wooden display fixtures.

  1. Oak: Oak is solid, durable and heavy wood. It comes in different shades right from grey brown, deep markings of red oak to grey brown. Because the displays made from oak are widely available, therefore they fall into an affordable category.
  2. Ash: It is common to hear that retailers place a customized demand for display fixtures made from ash wood. The reason is easy to guess. Ash has incomparable bending abilities, thus retailers can get the display in their desired shape and size. Many retailers even prefer giving a new look to their broken wooden displays for changing the layout of the store. It is a cost-effective option to introduce new kinds of wooden display fixtures in your store.
  3. Maple: Heavy and durable, maple wood is one of the most durable wood in the market that can easily withstand wear and tear of all kinds. It is easy to stain and paint due to its pale color. As it is a heavier wood, thus prefer purchasing those display fixtures that need not to transport to different places.
  4. Pine: It is one of the common choices of retailers operating multiple stores in various cities. Reason being, it is a softwood, which is easy to assemble and transport.
  5. Wooden Composite Materials: Wood composite materials include plywood and board. Choosing wood composite materials fixtures are ideal for those who want to use different kinds of wooden display fixtures at their stores. Moreover, it is light in weight which implies that it costs less in shipping and easier to move further also.

So, these are the five best kind of Wooden display fixtures that retailers can choose for their stores. These wood categories are easy to shortlist on the factors whether a retailer wants stained wood or want to purchase such wood that entails no shopping cost.

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