5 Disaster Movies that Predicted Crises in 2020 Way Differently

Presently, we are living in the days that were predicted in some films such as Contagion. However, we have plenty of films that show a far different version of 2020- where alien occupied our globe, robots have taken over the boxing world. Some of these movies are so adventurous to watch at home. Here is the list of top 5 disaster movies that predicted 2020’s crises a bit different.

1. Edge of Tomorrow 2014

It is certainly the best movie that portrayed what happens to the earth in 2020 when an alien race takes over the world. With starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, the film introduces the world’s situation after the five years of invasion by aliens known as Mimics. It predicts how 2020 looks when alien occupies our home planet. In the movie, the United Defense Force decides to fight back Mimics with their new alliance of advanced super soldiers. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are portrayed as one of these super soldiers equipped with mecha-suits, which enhances their strength, speed, and durability. Their suits are loaded with futuristic guns and cannons to keep up with the aliens. The movie is a treat for action and adventure enthusiasts.

2. A Quiet Place 2018

This movie also portrays an apocalypse in the world in 2020, where the whole earth is invaded by a lethal alien race that can’t see but only react to sounds. A family still manages to live along with the ongoing situations where everybody in the world rests in peace. In the whole movie, you will see how this family copes with the aliens by remaining quiet all the time. They talk to each other in signs so that aliens stay unfamiliar with their existence. You should definitely add this movie to your watchlist for this week.

3. Mission to Mars 2000

The movie is about the space travel journey to the Mars planet. When astronauts begin their mission of researching on the planet, they find some signs of life. It doesn’t take much time to conclude that the aliens initially colonized Mars. In the research, the team finds estimates that they might have left the planet billions of years ago. The team later realizes that it was not aliens who left Mars, but it was humans that left the planet and sent one human on earth to live and develop. Billions of years ago, they did so because they wanted to land back on Mars to uncover their real outer space origin. The movie ends when every human on earth comes back on their true home planet Mars for living purposes.

4. Real Steel 2011

This movie is based on the high-tech world in 2020, where Robo-boxing is one of the most popular entertainments among people. In the movie, Huge Jackman finds a unique robot known as Atom that mimics human behavior and gestures. He trains that robot to become an expert boxer, and he wins over many robots.

5. Reign of Fire 2002

Based on the invasion of Dragons on the earth in 2020. These dragons are powerful enough to wipe humans’ armies in seconds to minutes. However, some human manages to live between them, but occasionally they have to face assaults from these monsters. Small communities of people learn how to live with their existence.

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