5 Easy Tips for a Better Viewing Experience on Netflix

Founded in 1997, it is an American media company providing its streaming service across different countries. Results show that in 2020 Netflix has already reached over 69 million active users in the United States and over 182 million users worldwide, making it one of the most important streaming services for watching movies, videos, and television shows. You can select from a range of shows which you want to watch. It also broadcasts its own Netflix Original Series, where you can stream videos and shows which are available only on Netflix and nowhere else. Watching shows on Netflix is entertaining. However, you can do some manual settings, too, which can help you in having a better viewing experience on Netflix. Below we have mentioned some tips for managing your Netflix Account for watching shows and videos.

  • Creating a Custom Playlist

By default, Netflix itself arranges an automatically arranged list of movies or shows which you have selected for watching. But if you are not satisfied with its automatic ordering, you can create your custom playlist of shows that you are currently watching or you want to watch. It will help you have a better sorted and arranged list of shows or videos which you have in your Netflix queue. Once you have created a custom playlist, you can now add movies or shows you want to watch. It can be done by clicking the “+” sign, which you will see in each movie box. To create a custom playlist, you will need to login to your account from a PC or Laptop. Once you have logged in, click on the top right corner of your screen. After the click, you will have to select the Account option from the menu. There you will see a My Profile option, click on that and choose Order in My List and then click on Manual Ordering and Save. Once you are done with the process, you can see an added option of “Order in My List.” It is the option where you can manually add videos and shows for watching.

  • Removal of Content From “Continue Watching”

This section is pretty helpful and lets users start the videos or shows exactly from the scene where they were left off. But it will also keep the movies and shows which you left off in the mid because you were not able to find them up to the mark.  So, it’s better to remove those unnecessary items from your list of “Continue Watching.” For this purpose, you need to log in to your Account through a system. Once you have logged in, click on the top right corner of your screen. Then click on the “Account” option > My Profile > Select “Viewing Activity.” Once you are on the Viewing Activity page, you’ll find a day by day arranged list of all the videos or shows in a proper sorted format. There you need to hide the content by clicking on the “/”. Once you are done with clicking it, Netflix will remove that particular video or show from your list of continuous watching from all your records.

  • Disabling AutoPlay

Once you have finished watching an episode of a specific show, Netflix will keep playing recommendations or the other episodes of the same show. It happens because of the AutoPlay feature, which Netflix provides, and that is similar to the AutoPlay feature by YouTube. This feature is useful at times, but if you have limited internet left, which you have kept for completing other tasks, it may also get used in this process. So, you may prefer to disable AutoPlay. For this, you need to “Playback Settings” in the My Profile section of your Account. Once you have reached there, you will see the Playback Settings, which consists of AutoPlay controls for “Next episode in a series on all devices” and “AutoPlay previews while browsing on all devices.” You can uncheck both of them to disable AutoPlay. You can also change the video’s quality depending upon your internet connection by clicking the “Data usage per screen” option below AutoPlay Controls.

  • Setting Multiple User Access Feature

You can share your Netflix Account with up to 5 devices. Be it, friends, or family, you can create multiple profiles in your account and share it with your loved ones. All the users can create their individual “My List” and store their desired shows or videos in that. To add more profiles, you need to login to your Account, click on the “+” sign to add a new profile. Enter some necessary details about the individual as if he is a kid enter kid when Netflix asks you who this profile is for. You can also delete a profile from Netflix. For this purpose, go to the “Manage Profile” section and select the profile you want to delete.

  • Tips for Getting Better Suggestions

One of the best ways to get better suggestions is to rate the shows those were entertaining and which you enjoyed watching. This will help Netflix learn about your choices and recommend shows like the ones you have finished watching. You can rate a show by clicking on the title of the show, and when a pop up appears on the screen regarding the rating, you can give it thumbs up. If you give it a thumbs down, the show will disappear from your recommendations.

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