5 Effective Ways to Reduce Kids Screen Time

In today’s digital era, keeping kids away from TV/mobile phones can be challenging. Now, with the ongoing pandemic and kids being stuck at home, gadgets have replaced outdoor activities more than ever. Furthermore, parents offer mobile phones to children to keep them engaged so they can carry on with their work, often leading to screen addiction in children where they always want to get their hands on screens disconnecting from the people around. Screens impact their growing minds drastically, often leading to health problems such as neck pain, poor vision and psychological impairment. Don’t worry! Here are 5 effective ways that’ll help you to reduce your kids’ screen time.

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Children grow up seeing their parents and tend to emulate their behaviour. It is therefore imperative for parents to restrict their own screen time as well. It might be tough but you can start by keeping your mobile phones & other gadgets away for a few hours every day and instead use that time to spend quality with your kid that’ll help you bond with your child. In case, you need to use laptop/mobile phones for work, you can ensure to use them away from your child.

Encourage Useful Activities:

Encouraging kids to develop and engage in hobbies such as painting, dancing, solving puzzles/Rubik’s cube, reading etc. will help to un-glue them from screens. Ensure to motivate them by praising them for the little achievements that’ll encourage them to get more involved in the activities. Enrolling them on a dance academy or sports club is also helpful and will allow them to learn different life skills.

Bond With Your Child:

Although difficult for most parents due to workload, try to make time to bond with your kids. When you participate in their games, they are likely to enjoy it more. Pretend play, hide n seek or board games such as carom, chess are great to engage kids. You can also read to them, cook with them or encourage them to play outdoor games which will enhance their motor skills.

Activity-based Learning:

Kids become addicted to screens for the fun and entertainment they offer. Another great way to keep them away from screens is subscribing to an activity box for kids such as ClassMonitor. Designed by experts, the activity box contains more than 250 engaging & fun activities that boost the fundamental development in kids and encourage fun and activity-based learning by keeping them engaged for hours.

Restrict Screen Time:

As a parent, ensure screen time is a privilege for kids rather than a necessity. Restrict the use of gadgets for a short time. You can keep the mobile phones where it is inaccessible to kids, turn off data/wifi and set passwords to ensure they do not use them in your absence. Set up parental controls that protect the kids from accessing explicit content. Moreover, you can set the rule of no gadgets while certain activities like dining, before sleeping etc.

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