5 Electronics in Your Office That You Should Consider Recycling

Electronic waste refers to the items that have reached the end of their life and need to be disposed of properly so that they do not cause any environmental or health-related damage. Instead of throwing them in the bin, leading them to the landfills, the best way to ethically and safely get rid of them is to send them for Toronto computer recycling.r

If you are a business owner and run an office, you will find many electronic items in your premises that can be harmful in the landfills and you should consider recycling them. Ideally, you should recycle every electronic device that you want to get rid of. However, some people do not know which devices should they recycle. So, here we have made a list of some office electronic devices that are perfect for recycling.

1.      Printers, Fax Machines, and Photocopiers

Printers are no more expensive now and every office, even household, has them to print their everyday papers. If your printer, fax machine, or photocopier is still in working condition but you want to upgrade it with the latest version, you can donate it to someone in need. This simple step will not only improve your goodwill but will also reduce pollution and save resources. If not, then all these machines, including printer cartridges, can be sent for Toronto computer recycling instead of ending up in the landfills.

2.      Computers

Your computer system consists of several components, including monitors, CPU, keyboard, mouse, and others. You will be surprised to know that several recyclable materials are present in computers, including metals, glass, and plastic. Some precious materials are also there, including gold, diamond, and silver. If your computer is not appropriate for donating, then consider sending it to a recycler. They will recycle the recyclable materials, extract the precious materials, and dispose of the waste materials responsibly.

3.      Cell Phones

Discarded cell phones make up thousands of tons of e-waste every year. Cell phones contain copper and many other plastics and metals that need to be recycled properly. Recycling them helps in saving energy and recovering these valuable resources. Cell phones also have batteries that contain lead, which is extremely harmful to the environment. So, batteries are separately sent for lead battery recycling Toronto to dispose them of properly.

4.      Printed Circuit Boards


Printed circuit boards have recoverable base metals and precious materials in considerable quantities. These include platinum, silver, and gold, along with iron, copper, and aluminum. Send them for Toronto computer recycling and recover these materials to save resources and energy.

5.      Televisions

In many places, discarding TV sets into landfills is not allowed. Old TV sets contain lead for protection from radiation, but now they are known to cause pollution and environmental harm. So, if you have old TV sets in your office, send them for recycling and take care of their LCD LED TV disposal Toronto responsibly.

COM2 Recycling Solutions is based in Toronto that provides Toronto computer recycling not only for computers but also for other electronics. We are a certified facility responsible for recycling electronics in an environmentally safe way.

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