5 Essential Accessories Every Tobacco Smoker Should Consider

Today, tobacco smoking isn’t what it used to be in time past. The rapid technological shift has rubbed off significantly on the tobacco industry. Manufacturers are rolling out more convenient accessories to enhance users’ smoking experience.

Here are some tools you may want to consider adding to your smoking arsenal:

Pipe Filters

Tar and nicotine are arguably the primary concerns among pipe tobacco smokers. Interestingly, filters may help cut down on excess tar and nicotine consumption. This tool is a thoughtful addition for cleaner puffs, whether with pipes or cigarettes. These filters may come in different textures, like brass, which helps cut down on your tobacco toxicity.


After a smoking session, ash can easily mess up your space. To keep your space neat, an ashtray in your smoking arsenal is a great addition. With this, you can enjoy your smoke and still keep your room looking clean and neat.

Smell-Proof Bag

Of course, you can move about with your herbal tobacco in pretty much any bag. But the smell can stick along and sell you out really quick. So, consider a smell-proof pouch lined with carbon. These bags are a handy accessory that’ll help you lock in the aroma of your tobacco while on the go.

Rolling Machines

Hands are inadequate to handle your tobacco rolling. Nothing gives a firm cig like a cigarette rolling machine. One major downside of hand-rolling is that they often look wrinkled and loose.

Thankfully, these automated rolling systems promote consistency, offering you a standard roll every time, seamlessly, and in a twinkle.


For newbies, bongs, or water pipes can be pretty confusing, initially. But in practice, this smoking accessory is easy to use. Bongs are designed to hold water to help cool and filter the smoke to enhance your smoking experience. This is arguably the cleanest and smoothest method to do your tobacco.

Wrap Up

Although you can still have your tobacco without any of these add-ons, they all have different roles. They do not only spice up your smoking session; they help you show off your style and class.

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