5 Essential Documents Required For Australia Skilled Independent Subclass 489 Visa Application

The Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 489 Visa is a temporary visa that allows you to live and work in Australia. It is a popular option for those who want to settle permanently in Australia. To apply for an Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 489 Visa, you must submit several documents. Or you can hire immigration experts to help you with the documentation process. To be eligible for the Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 489 Visa, you must be under the age of 44 years and meet the following requirements:

  1. Passport: The first document you will need is your passport. The Australian government requires that you hold a valid passport to apply for this Australia Skilled Independent Subclass 489 Visa Application. Your passport must also be in good condition, with no missing pages or damage. The passport should also be current and not expired.
  2. Identity Proof and Civil Status: You will need to provide proof of identity document (such as your birth certificate or driver’s license) and a civil status document (such as your marriage certificate or divorce decree). You can use these documents to prove who you are and whether or not you’re married, single or divorced.
  3. Documents related to Work Experience: You’ll also need to provide documentation that confirms your work experience in Australia: either a job offer letter or a resume showing details about your work history in Australia along with evidence of English language proficiency (if required).
  4. Educational Qualification Documents: You will need to submit your educational qualification documents to prove that you have the necessary skills that the Australian government requires for the Australia skilled independent subclass 489. If you have completed your education from an institution outside of Australia, then you must submit an international credential evaluation report to show that your qualifications are equivalent to those offered by Australian institutions. You can submit your academic certificates or transcripts, depending on what is more convenient for you.
  5. Language Proficiency Proof: The applicant must provide a certificate or letter of proficiency in English issued by an approved institution. The certificate/letter must state that the applicant meets the minimum English language proficiency required for study at a secondary school or higher education institution in Australia. You can do this by providing a copy of your IELTS or TOEFL scores reports with a band score of 6 or higher.

Once you have prepared the necessary documents, check them twice to avoid potential mistakes. Also, double-check to ensure all pages are there and submit it. If you aren’t sure about something in your supporting documents, talk to immigration experts who can help to explain your situation and get advice on what needs to be done.

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