5 Essential Ophthalmic Equipment for the Modern Lab

Technology is getting advanced each day, and innovations are taking place in all industries because of it, and the optometry field is no exception. With a variety of optical lab finishing equipment, optometrists are enhancing their accuracy while maximizing efficiency.

No matter how many lanes you have in your practice, it all comes down to the doctor and the equipment the specialist utilizes. The modern optometry practice is one that provides the best quality service and produces a very convenient customer experience at an affordable price.

Whether you’ve just started providing ophthalmic services or have been in practice for a long time, here are a few must-have tools or machines that should be a part of your lab.


One of the essential pieces for an optometrist office, a digital refractor helps in performing subjective refractions so that the most accurate prescription is given with every eye examination.

It features network connectivity, a comprehensive 21-point exam, and offers an ultimate patient experience. A digital refractor even includes an impressive array of eye exam charts.


An autorefractometer is an ideal tool to measure the refractive index of the eye. No matter you have a full-fledged practice with the most cutting edge ophthalmic equipment or a mobile optometry clinic, an autorefractor will ensure the most convenient customer service while maintaining the world-class standard of care.

It is the best addition to have in your field, and you can easily purchase them on various renowned Miami optical stores.


Being an eye specialist isn’t just about helping people have good eyesight or see better; it’s also about diagnosing and treating eye problems, which is why a digital slit lamp is an important piece of ophthalmic equipment.

It has an advanced microscope and high-beam light source that allows the doctor to view the front of the eye layer by layer to ensure everything is healthy. Plus, it also captures images and videos during the eye exam.


Another crucial piece of equipment that should be in an optometrist lab is a Tonometer. It conducts eye pressure tests and is an affordable option if you are looking to invest less capital for equipment.

Also, there are the non-contact tonometers where the person rests their face for the procedure. Whatever equipment you decide to buy, this is essential for any optometry practice.

Fundus photography equipment is used to take pictures of the inside of the eyes. Popularly, called a fundus camera, these imaging pieces of equipment are common for most ophthalmic equipment manufacturers.

It’s a cutting edge piece of ophthalmic equipment that takes both 2D and 3D images with ease. The pictures are then able to be stored digitally so the doctor can track them over time to see how the eyes are progressing.

Summing Up

As your practice grows over time, you should add equipment from time to time. An equipment investment becomes more substantial than a capital investment as it aids in providing a better user experience for the customer. For any type of optical supplies, including single vision lenses, surface laboratories, equipment, and more for the optical industry, get in touch with a renowned company, and update your practice.

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