5 Essential Secret Style Tips For Shorter Men (How to Look Taller)

It’s hard to be short, especially if you are a man! It feels like everything you purchase needs to be altered, and some thicker materials can’t be. So what you should do? Grow? Well, that may probably not work. However, there are actually effective ways that your existing wardrobe can help you look taller. 

In this article, we’re going to provide you with short man style tips and break it down for you on how to wear them in order to look taller. 


Tip Secret #1: Do the Low Contrast Technique

Did you know that footwear for shorter men is very important since it can have a lengthening effect? The added height can be achieved when your shoes don’t contrast too massively with trousers. Having a low contrast will strikingly elongate the leg. 

The contrast should be maintained with the pant leg low by not putting sharp opposites in your colour palettes. So when you are wearing black denim, don’t wear white sneakers. It would be better to use black or charcoal sneakers with black jeans and it’s a great option because the colours are in a similar palette. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to warm and hot months, there is a secret you can do when wearing shorts. You can wear shoes that match your skin as closely as possible to lengthen the legs. Browns, tans, beiges, and other flesh tone shorts should be above the knee which will display more leg. You may have one steady colour line to make it appear like one long leg. 

Lastly, the last tip you need for your footwear is to focus your attention to the shape and the features of the shoe. Take note that the goal is to elongate the leg, such as: 

Opt for a pointed toe shoe- Avoid rounded or squared off toes because they can shrink the foot. Pointed toes visibly elongate the foot and, afterwards, the leg. 

Choose shoes that go below the ankle- This rule is for wearing shorts. Low top shoes are much better since they show more ankles as opposed to high tops or boots that shrink the leg because the rise is over the ankle. 


Tip Secret #2: Never Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Fit clothes will always be a trend. However, this doesn’t mean that everything you wear should be a skinny fit. But it’s a fact that short men look more amazing when they wear closer fitting clothes.

The trick here is to trim the fat from your clothes, meaning:

  • Pants that don’t pile up on the surface of your shoes.
  • Sleeves that don’t go over your wrists.
  • Tops that don’t look like tents.
  • Jackets that go above your knees.

You don’t really need to spend so much money on men’s designer clothes that actually fit you, you just need to find the ones that have the best fit you even if it’s cheap.


Tip Secret #3: Stay Away From Oversized Details

Oversized clothes and details for smaller and skinnier guys are always bad. Most of the time, mass-manufactured garments come with details or features that are very huge for smaller frames. For example, when wearing an Oxford shirt, try to look at the chest pocket, is it too big for a short and slender guy like you? Also, if the pocket is lying to low on the chest, it will only make you look shorter. 

We suggest that you buy clothes that are particularly put together for shorter men or keep yourself away from clothes that have these additional details. For instance, when looking for a button-up shirt that you plan to buy at the mall, the shirt must not have a pocket. If you’re purchasing a sport coat, look for the one without elbow patches. 


Tip Secret #4: Choose to Wear Proportional Accessories 

man wearing watch with black suit

Now that we have discussed the importance of fit clothes and the right footwear, there is also one thing that affects the overall size of your frame, and not just your height—wearing accessories. The tip here is to wear the proper watches, glasses, ties, and other accessories that are proportionate to your size. For instance, if your wrist is 6″, wearing a watch that is bigger than 40mm will only look way too huge for you, making your wrists look very skinny. Try to invest in 36mm watches since these are the size that will look amazing and right on you. 

Another example, shorter guys are always told to wear small tie knots such as the four in hand. However, this one size can fit all solution that lacks meaning. A short and chunky built man with a thick neck and big chest who likes wearing dress shirts with unrolled collars, a Four in Hand know will only appear too small for him. The best bet here is to go for a Half Windsor. 


Tip Secret #5: Practice the Right Posture 

man in gray suit jacket and black pants standing on brown concrete pathway during daytime

This sounds like a cliché but it’s very true! A lot of guys have bad postures, and they don’t even know it, especially if they working on computers all day. To have a better posture, here’s a guide you can follow: 

  • Make sure you stand up tall putting your weight on your heels 
  • Lean your pelvis forward to straighten the bend in your lower back 
  • Draw your shoulder up to your ears, then down and back as if you’re holding a tennis ball between your shoulder blades 
  • Have your chest out as you keep your shoulders down and back 
  • Bring in your head back alongside with your spine 
  • Fold your chin down and don’t allow it to drift up as your head tugs back

If you are still confused, you may stand against a wall as you try these steps and hold it for about 60 seconds. As you try to hold the position, right after that step away from the wall and see how it feels. If it feels nice, then you are doing it right. 

It’s important that you have a correct posture so you can properly stand at your full height and make your clothes fit and drape more naturally. 

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