5 Factors to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair


If you’re thinking about dyeing your hair, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the right color to compliment your skin tone and overall look. In addition to looking great, dyeing your hair can be used as an effective method to cover up an unwanted hairstyle like bangs or an embarrassing haircut. The right color can make all the difference between fading into the background and standing out from the crowd, so take time to consider these five factors before dyeing your hair.

Assess Your Skin Tone

The first factor is skin tone. Different hair colors work better with different skin tones, so you want to make sure you’re picking a color that won’t clash with your complexion. A good rule of thumb is that your hair color should be within two shades of your natural skin tone. In other words, if you have fair skin, go for platinum blondes and redheads but avoid brunettes. If you have dark skin, try soft browns and reds but stay away from pale pastels and bright blondes.

Find out What Colors Look Good on You

The best place to start is with hair stylists Albuquerque, who can show you how different shades will look on your face and hair. If you’re not ready for a pro consult read reviews online from people with hair similar to yours. The info could help narrow down what will look good on you.

Choose the Right Style for You

It’s important that you choose a style that suits your personality and face shape. There are a number of factors you can take into consideration here: do you want to draw attention to certain features, or cover them up? Do you want it short or long? Try thinking about what kind of impression you want to give off before making your decision.

Understand the Difference between Temporary and Permanent Color

Temporary color isn’t permanent and won’t last long, whereas permanent color will last for several months. As a rule of thumb, if you wash your hair every day or every other day (as most people do), then you’ll want permanent dye. If you like washing your hair less often, then consider temporary. Consult hair and makeup artist Albuquerque before making a choice!

Choose a Budget-Friendly Shade

Some hair dyes are more expensive than others, and that often makes a difference in terms of quality. Choose a shade you like and buy it based on your budget. Hair salon Albuquerque near me offer free dye trials, so you can test out a new color before investing in it If you’re not ready for such a bold move, choose a temporary dye as it will give you an idea of what color would look best on you without making too much of an investment.

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