5 Frequently Used Bolt Types


This blog will cover every aspect of stainless steel bolts, including their definition, applications, and leading manufacturer.

What are Bolts?

A mechanical fastener having threaded shafts is called a bolt. Bolts and screws are both mechanical fasteners having threaded shafts that are related to one another. Typically, this kind of fastener is put through two components with lined-up holes. According to certain definitions, a thing’s usage determines whether it’s a bolt or a screw.

nut is put onto the bolt after it has been inserted through the components, which all have unshielded holes, to create a clamping force and stop axial motion. A screw’s threads are being attached with threads in one component after it first passes through the first portion with an evacuation hole. The bolts are categorised by strength using two integers separated by a point.

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The types of Bolts most commonly used:

It would be crucial for you to at least be aware of the many types available before you ever need to purchase bolts and nuts for whatever purpose. This makes choosing which one to employ for particular purposes much simpler for you. Keep in mind that selecting the incorrect bolts could have disastrous results.

At Aashish Steel, we sell nuts, bolts and other fasteners internationally and are now one of the fastest growing Bolt Suppliers in UAE and Bolt Suppliers in Saudi Arabia. The following are some of the bolts we sell:

The J bolt: J bolts have a J shape and frequently have no heads. Typically, they are employed to hold objects that hang.

Hex Bolt: Hex bolts have a wide range of uses, including fastening wood, steel, and other building materials for projects like docks, bridges, structures for the roadway, and buildings. As headed anchor bolts, hex bolts with forged heads are also frequently employed.

Stud Bolt: The majority of the market is dominated by stud bolts, which are used in high pressure bolting situations for pipeline, drilling, petroleum/petrochemical refining, and general industry for sealing and flange connections.

U Bolt: U-bolts have historically been used to support pipework, which includes pipes used to transport fluids and gases. U-bolts were therefore measured using pipe-work technical terminology. The size of the pipe that a U-bolt was supporting would be used to define it. Ropes are also held together by U-bolts.

Anchor Bolt: Connecting structural and non-structural components to concrete is done with anchor bolts. Anchor bolts (also known as fasteners), steel plates, or stiffeners are just a few examples of the various parts that can be used to create the connection. Tension and shear forces are two different types of loads that anchor bolts can transfer.

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Great Bolt Manufacturer in India

One of the best bolt manufacturers in India is Aashish Steel. Other stainless steel products manufactured by Aashish Steel include Stainless Steel Fasteners, Nuts, Inconel Fasteners, and so on. We are also an Anchor Bolt Manufacturer in Malaysia

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