5 Games That Should Be Revamped With Ray Tracing

Not many games can be seen to have ray tracing features. Nvidia first incorporated hardware-run ray tracing along with its famous microarchitecture. And initially, it felt more like a strategy to all. But the question was how would gamers use it as in order to enable the feature, gamers would require the latest and the best graphic cards which are super costly? Another big question was why would the developers of the games use this feature despite knowing this? Maybe that is the reason why there are not many ray tracing games out in the market, even though the few that are out are quite fascinating.

Interestingly, by the end of the year, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X are going to step into the market, accompanied by ray tracing features. It is also expected that big brands are going to launch their graphics cards at the same time. Therefore, a new group of gamers might evolve with hardware competent in ray tracing.

While thinking about this, we often end up imaging our old favorite games and how would they turn out to be if some ray tracing is incorporated with it. Here is a list of games players want to be revamped with ray tracing:

The Last of Us Part II

This is a very new game and has just become a recent favorite. But you cannot deny how good the underground sewer ways will look with ray tracing illumination, just like Metro Exodus. The game is already very fascinating and captive but including an additional next-gen feature will make it a brand new slice of cake for gamers.

The previous version of The Last of Us was updated shortly after the release of PlayStation 4. Therefore gamers can expect the same with the launch of PlayStation 5. Even though the feature will not add much into the game but it is just to enhance the already amazing look and feel of the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is the game we all loved because of the amazing scenic views it has. The beautiful view of Velen especially at night, forests during the sunrise, and those puddles. Now just picture them with ray reflections and realistic shades. Dream about wandering in the caves and then witnessing the illuminating rays of the sun all over the gateway. Even the torches would produce more light than usual into the dark caves.

The graphics of Witcher 3 has never let us down but the only reason why a remaster with ray-traced reflection is suggested is to make it much better.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Where else can ray lighting be more fascinating if not in horror games? And what is the best horror game if not Resident Evil? The remakes of Resident Evil have an already high standard in the gaming industry. But just think once about those gloomy and dark areas of Antarctica and the Island and how much they can be enhanced with realistic ray-traced shadows. While it is speculated that makers of the game are already on it, it is also expected that they would also add ray tracing features in Resident Evil 7 and The Upcoming Village. After all, they know how important light, sound, and feel is in the horror games.


Not even a single gamer on this planet can say that Bloodborne is not the best game of PlayStation 4. However, it cannot be denied that it is a bit rough as compared to the current standards. There are a lot of frame time difficulties and anti-aliasing remedy is not much of use. This can get really difficult if you are more comfortable with smooth and silky gameplays. All these factors make this game the best option for a ray-tracing revamp.


Recall the time when F.E.A.R. was released. Nowadays, people have forgotten this revolutionary horror shooting game. However, unlike many past favorite games,  this one is not very smooth with current hardware. And therefore, it needs to be remastered.  How amazing would those geometric character figures and plane surfaces look if they were enhanced with a deep and dusty composition?

We are not denying the fact that these five games are more than awesome but from the perspective of gamers, we understand they constantly need something new. And ray tracing can definitely be that ‘something new’ for the gamers. Enhancing the appearance and feel can go a long way to bring the old favorites again into the play.

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