5 Games That Will Make Your Kid’s Party Thrilling

If you are all set to hire a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party, rest assure about guaranteed excitement and fun. No matter your child and their friends love the bounce house, having a few games to keep their attention intact is a wonderful idea.

Check out 5 ideas to keep the little angels occupied with fun and laughter.


1. Musical Statues: Playing this interesting game on a bounce castle will add levels of excitement and competition to the game owing to bouncy surface which makes it difficult to stand after the music stops.

2. Tag: It is a very popular game and playing it on a bouncy surface adds more fun. When the guest list is limited, holding the game solely on the castle brings more excitement.

3. Port and Starboard: This game is all about memory & action and children love this game without a doubt. Children gather on the bounce castle and the leader calls out commands like:

 Starboard’ (children run to the other side)
 Captain’s Coming’ (children stand to attention and salute)
 Climb the rigging’ (children pretend to climb a rope)
 Port’ (children run to one side of the bouncy castle)
 Submarines’ (children lay on the floor)
 Sharks Ahoy’ (children jump and try keeping their feet off the floor as long as they can)

Players doing the wrong actions are out and the child who lasts until the end is declared the winner. Children have to remember the action they need to perform after the given command. Bounce house rentals Sacramento can make this game fast-paced, exciting and active for the whole party.

4. Capture the Flag: An outdoor game, this is an exceptionally amazing game. Children are split into two teams and a flag is given to each member. Aim of the game is capturing other team’s flag and the one found at the team’s base. Team capturing the flags of the other team wins.

5. Let them use imaginations: Here, the castle provides a blank canvas for imagined ideas and games. While at one minutes the bounce house may be a princess’ castle, the next time it is a boat where kids are sailors onboard a boat; the next they are astronauts in outer space. Here, the possibilities are too many and the bounce house captures the imaginations.

So, there are way too many possibilities your kids and their friends can enjoy with party rentals Sacramento. Check out the best bounce houses and book the one your child will love to play, jump and flip on.

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