5 Golf Etiquette Rules

When you want to get good at golf, there are various etiquette rules that you should follow if you want to take this game seriously. Below, the folks from Penn Oaks Golf Club have prepared you with 5 common golf etiquette rules for you to reference.

1. Respect Tee Time

When you are given a tee time, it is important that you arrive on time to start golfing at this time. Showing up late can cause issues on the golf course if it is a busy day. Try to check-in at the clubhouse 15-20 minutes before you tee off so that you can start golfing right when you are scheduled for tee time.

2. Be Quiet During Shots

One of the ways that you can easily ruin the shot of others that you are playing is to talk during their swings. For this reason, it is common golf etiquette to stay quiet during shots. Otherwise, you can easily end up angering the people you are playing with.

3. Dress Well

Although you don’t need to dress that nice in order to fit in on a golf course, many people will wear a polo shirt, knickers, and a hat. If you think you will get blisters on your hands, bring some gloves to keep your hands protected.

4. Take Care of the Green

When you get the green, not every shot will be done perfectly. If you knick the grass on the green with your club, try to fix it before moving on. This will be appreciated by the people who use it afterward, the management of the course, and so on.

5. Remain Calm

Golf can be a very frustrating game if you let it get in your head. The worst thing you can do for your mental health and the well-being of those around you is to start screaming, shouting, throwing clubs, and so on.

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