5 Google Pay-Per-Click Tricks to Save Your Business Money


With PPC, companies pay to drive traffic to their website in order to generate leads or ad conversions. Google’s PPC service “Adwords” combined with SEO is a popular way to market products or services. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also offer such services. With perfect optimization, a business can reach to the top of the search engine and to avail better opportunities of increment in sale. Ecommerce websites cannot rely solely on traditional advertising techniques.

Therefore, these websites depend to some extent on pay-per-click advertising. When a visitor clicks on an ad, Google receives money.If the clicks are converted into a purchase or have the desired actions, this is called conversion. The increasing conversion leads to income generation. To get the most out of a

1 Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is considered a single page that displays a personalized message based on the products or services. It provides compact information about the company as well as the characteristics of the products or services. A landing page is a well designed area where only one product, offer or discount can be displayed. The main goal of creating a landing page is to attract a number of quality visitors who will make a purchase at that time or in the near future.

The redirection of clicks on the homepage does not allow conversion. A completely separate page from the homepage landing page is an indispensable tool for creating a brand image.A landing page should not be overloaded with information. An ecommerce website should show a specific product or product category. Without a doubt, the landing page brings more conversions than the homepage can generate. It also helps to measure clicks.

2. Choice Of Keywords

The choice of keyword is crucial. In the case of Ad Words, Google uses powerful keywords that will get your website higher onto the search engine. When you create an ad, careful selection of keywords extends the search base of the product. It has to be relevant if you keep an eye on the mentality of the researcher. To give the most obvious way to the visitors to enter, some search keywords need to be placed which allows the ads to show on the first position of the search result page.
3. Planning Ads

Ad scheduling is an important aspect of PPC advertising. It is very important for the service-oriented industry. Conversion rates for service providers are increased mainly during business hours. People usually seek these services when they need it urgently. For example, suppose you have a seepage problem in your house that needs immediate attention.

4. Negative Keywords

Setting relevant keywords does not make it easy for you. You must exclude irrelevant searches so that your ad can not be displayed against bad traffic. Negative keywords are words that should not define your product but filter the unqualified clicks. Finding these keywords is an important part of building PPC campaigns. Negative keywords will ultimately protect your ad from being displayed incorrectly in the search result. But Selecting the irrelevant/negative keywords out is not an easy task as if you putted a keyword which is somehow related to your product then adding it can harm your search results. So it is always advisable to take help of PPC expert in Delhi for managing your PPC Campaigns.

5. Regular Review Of Quality Score

The Quality Score is a parameter that determines the performance of an ad the basic component of the Quality Score is relevance. The Quality Score is measured by the relevance of ads, keywords, and landing pages, calculated in real time, and also affects cost per click. A better Quality Score ensures a better ad position and low cost. It is displayed in scale 1 to 10 and a higher score obviously indicates better ad performance.

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