5 Great Housewarming Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner

If you’re worried about what to get new homeowners for their house, think about a theme of renewal and practicality. What might they have not replaced in a while? Or what’s something they might not have yet but that is incredibly useful? You could help ease the transition for them with a practical yet thoughtful gift.

7The best parts about moving into a new house are decorating it and throwing a housewarming party to celebrate a new chapter in life. If you’re the one going to the party, here are a few ideas for welcoming your friends into their new home.

Set of Food Storage Containers

A set of high-quality food storage containers is a winning idea. It seems like it’s one kitchen essential that needs to be replaced or upgraded periodically because lids get lost, plastic melts, or food stains the inside of the container. A set that includes glass containers with plastic lids would make a really nice gift for new homeowners. Choose an aesthetically-pleasing set with hinged, snap lids.

Tabletop Spiralizer

Vegetable lovers will appreciate an indispensable tool that can turn carrots, zucchini, beets, radishes, cucumbers, and more into fun spiral shapes. Vegetable noodles are a tasty, healthy alternative to pasta. A tabletop spiralizer is faster and safer to use than a knife for creating uniform spaghetti-shaped noodles. It’s a great gift for anyone who is making an effort to eat healthier or who simply wants to experiment with veggie textures and food presentation.

Jelly Roll Pans

Sometimes recipes call for a jelly roll pan, which is basically a smaller version of a rimmed baking sheet. With a jelly roll pan, you can bake thin sheet cakes or sponge cakes, coat them with cream or jelly, and roll the cake into a cylinder shape. These compact pans are also suitable for roasting vegetables and baking cookies. Chances are the new homeowners could use new bakeware sets that include two jelly roll pans.

Copper Cookware

Copper is not only beautiful, but it also offers superior heat conduction and even heat distribution to maintain the purity of your cooking flavors. Designed for oven-to-table serving, everyone needs at least one piece of copper cookware in their collection of pots and pans. If a full copper piece isn’t in your budget, you could always choose a stainless steel Dutch oven that has a textured copper lid. It’s a beautiful and versatile statement piece.

Professional Kitchen Towels

A nice set of large utilitarian kitchen towels are handy and serve many purposes. They are lint- and streak-free, and made of durable cotton that can handle cleaning, scrubbing, and drying required in daily kitchen use. You don’t see a chef without a kitchen towel in a restaurant setting. If a splash of sauce runs off the edge of a plate, one quick swipe of the towel provides proper touch-up before serving the meal. Home cooks equally appreciate the versatility of these towels.

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