5 Great Security System Options For An RV

You love going off on trips, whether it’s to the beach or just taking a break in the park or woods. If you always hop into your RV for that, then you’ll want to make sure you and yours are safe on the road. However, even if you’re currently not heading off to another adventure, it’s an excellent idea to take the time to improve your motor home’s security.

Given how much money you’ve put into outfitting your RV with features, furniture, and probably a custom-made interior layout, you’ll want to prevent anyone from stealing whatever valuables you have inside. Here are five systems that are well worth every cent of your investment in that case.

Rear View Camera and Vid Monitor

There’s nothing putting eyes and ears around your RV to notch up your security measures. Position the cameras properly. If you drive a smaller RV, then you can position more of the cameras around the unit. That arrangement will make it easier for you to see everything around your motor home with just the click of a button. Just make sure the cameras have night vision lighting so it can offer multiple types of the viewing experience. Knowing what’s outside will help you prepare before you take a step out of—or even open—the door.

Portable Alarm and GPS Locator

If you’re often on the road or going off to far-flung places with your RV, then get this item. It’s a portable device that allows you to operate a cellular network so you can connect to it through text messages. It also functions as a GPS locator so if your RV is stolen, this device will let you know where it is. The unit also has an alarm feature, one that vibration, tampering or movement will activate. That helps since the action might startle and scare off a potential burglar.

RV Lock Handle

Anyone who has a key to older RV models also has a key to unlock your door. That’s an alarming thought. Eliminate that security risk by shopping for Trimark RV locks. Check out your options to find out which one is ideal for your motor home. Is it the right size? You might think that going bigger is better. But a huge lock will only look out of place and might even invite the kind of scrutiny you want to avoid. Don’t stand out. Buy an RV lock that will blend in with the rest of your RV.

Lock Clamp

Securing the trailer and keeping it in place is also easy to do when you’ve got a lock clamp. This way, you and yours can have fun even away from camp without having to worry that by the time you come back, your RV won’t be there anywhere.

Window Alarm

Windows are potential security risks, too. Stick this onto your window, though, to emit an alarm that’s loud enough to surprise and scare away potential criminal elements eyeing your RV or the valuables inside. These are small and compact enough, so they don’t stand out.

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