5 Helpful Tips to Care for Dentures

To avoid wasting the time it took to have the dentures manufactured, the multiple trips to your dentist and the worth of your full dentures cost, follow these five helpful and simple tips to make your expensive dentures last long.

Before Cleaning

Carefully handle the dentures. Prepare a soft towel or fill the sink with water. Wash your dentures over it so there will be a cushion just in case it slips from your hand to prevent it from breaking. Wash it with cool or warm water. Avoid cleaning with hot water because it will disfigure the dentures.

Dental Care Supplies

Use a denture brush with soft bristles. There are denture brushes available with different shapes and sizes specifically made to reach all parts of the denture.

Use a dentist-recommended denture paste. It is not advisable to use your normal toothbrush and toothpaste because it is normally too abrasive for dentures and might leave unwanted scratches.

If there is no available denture paste, it is advisable to use a mild soap or a mild dishwashing liquid. Never use bleach, vinegar or baking soda as these are too strong and will destroy the dentures.

In addition, it is a big NO to use a whitening toothpaste because it will not whiten the dentures the way it does to your natural teeth. For trusty advice, visit the best denture clinic in Sydney near you.

Systematic Brushing

Make sure to brush all parts of the dentures to prevent plaque from building up. Plaque is a whitish film that attaches to the dentures and teeth. It cannot be removed from rinsing so it needs to be mechanically brushed and rinsed in running water. Develop a system to follow so you will get used to the habit of brushing all parts of the dentures.

Before putting the dentures back on to your mouth, ensure that you have properly brushed your natural teeth, palate, and gums to prevent any plaque or cavity buildup from damaging the dentures.

Night Time Routine

When your dentures are new, it is best to wear them even at night when sleeping to get your mouth accustomed to it. After a few weeks, you may keep the cleansed dentures in water or cleansing solution at night because it needs to be kept moist to maintain its shape. Remember to wash it again before using it in the morning asthe denture cleanser is not edible.

Maintenance and Repair

Using a denture adhesive is helpful when the dentures are fitted loosely. It will help keep the denture back in place and prevent saliva build up that may have an effect on your speech.You can always seek assistance from your dental professional about the best dental adhesive to use.

When the denture cracks or breaks, do not clean it by yourself. Visit the best Denture clinic sydney to address any issues. An annual check for adjustments is also advisable.

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