5 Hidden Benefits Of Using Botox

Whenever you wish to get rid of those unpleasant wrinkles on your face, you know you got several options. Number one is going for a Botox Beverly Hills specialist. They are excellent in this proven cosmetic treatment known to be quite successful. But did you know there are other unknown benefits you can reap from this drug? That’s why many people get fascinated with Botox. Do you want to find those several useful ways of using Botox? Let’s dive in:

Overactive bladder

Doctors can treat this disorder using Botox, which got approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a condition that a person experiences an intense urge to urinate, which happens frequently. It may lead to wetting incidents and can be very embarrassing. Other forms of medication are given a priority before administering Botox. However, 70 percent of patients who suffered from this medical condition testified that they stopped leaking from five times a day to three times after Botox treatment.

Migraines relief

When patients who got Botox showed they were less likely to get headaches, this triggered further research to find if it worked as a migraine reliever. So, in 2010, it got approved by the FDA. Botox Beverly Hills med spa practitioners can now administer medical treatment for this problem. They may put 31 injections in various areas they find necessary to help relieve up to three months. One may require more jabs if, after that time, the pain persists.

Neck spasm

Even before Botox got approved for performing plastic surgery, the drug used to treat chronic neck pains, a study conducted in 2004, highlighted how Botox reduced patients’ pain from this problem due to cervical dystonia. So, after injecting patients with this drug treatment into the affected muscles, it blocks the signals that cause the painful tightening of muscles and reliefs them.

Sex-related problem

Women who experience pelvic floor spasms tend to suffer and feel pain during sex. Although it hasn’t gotten FDA approval, rumor has it can help solve this issue. The same goes for men who experience immature ejaculation. Botox Beverly Hill doctors inject the drug directly into the penis to relax the muscle and delay ejaculation.

Cleft lips repair

Some doctors have used this treatment on babies with cleft lips to give them a chance of healing by holding the muscles still. There are many cases where Botox worked. However, the treatment hasn’t been approved yet by the FDA. Over 4,440 babies are yearly born with this disorder, and most of them undergo surgery to treat it.

In conclusion, although the hidden Botox treatment could be the last option after exhausting other medical procedures. But it’s worth giving it a try. Some already have the Food and Drug Administration’s approval, while others are still under research. However, if a drug gets approved to treat one medical condition in the US, doctors like Botox Beverly Hill can administer other treatments.

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