5 Hidden Facebook Setting one Should Know About

With some of the shocking and amazing research conducted by Cambridge Analytical Scandal, it has shocked the social media in the past week. It is because of that, Facebook has come under fire from lots of people and people have been deleting the facebook.

However, deleting your own Facebook is no good option to opt but if you are actually  concerned about your personal data being stored by Facebook and later being misused then this article will surely help you. Before deleting your facebook, you should know that facebook have given you access to limit your information.

Facebook Setting

Today, we come up with the 5 Facebook settings which you need to change if you’re concerned about your personal data being stored on Facebook. So, without wasting much time, just get a look into the article and know about the 5 settings from which you can stop your personal data being stored on Facebook and then being misused.

#1Check Apps and Services:- When it comes to privacy and data sharing, checking the apps and services is the foremost thing you need to do. Well, there is quite an easy way to check the apps and services. By checking it, you can be ensure about the data and information which have been shared and given to the third party. Just go the setting and check the list of apps and services you are connected to your facebook account. Now, review each and every app and remove the ones which you don’t trust.

#2.Limit Information Friends Share About You:- By limiting the information friend share about you, you are ensuring that none of the website or the app get access to your personal details. For this, you need to check your account settings and then selecting the apps. After that, look for the Apps other uses and click on the edit button. Now, you can uncheck the information that you don’t want Facebook to share with apps and websites that any of your friends use. Once done, you need to click on the save button and you are done.

#3. Manage App Permissions For Messenger:- Not just from the facebook app but facebook also gather information from the messenger. While installation, it asks for permissions to read your text messages. So, make sure if you have turned these options off or not. You can do this while installing the messenger on your smartphone, make sure that you have turned off the option of Text Anyone In Your Phone and Send And Receive SMS. Don’t even add your phone number.

#4. Limiting the Adds:- Well, if you have been using Facebook for a while, you might know about the ads they have been showing and displaying on the app. Most of the times you will see ads you might be interested in and shows you ads related to the same stuff. By this, you can understand that facebook has been collecting the data and they exactly knows what you were browsing on another website. You can stop tracking you all over the internet, just follow the instructions and stop this tracking.

#5. Manage App Permission for the Facebook:– While installing the facebook on your smartphone, we give access to gather information from our smartphone. Managing app permission for facebook is crucial as it can stop your information being shares and misused. Just go to the app information, and tap on the permission button. Now, uncheck the permissions like SMS, Telephone, Contacts, and Microphone under Permissions.

So, these were the crucial facebook settings by which you can stop your information being shared. So, just make a change in your facebook account and spread this information with other facebook users. For more, keep visiting the website or call Facbook Support Number.

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