5 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Moving to Panama

Panama is among the top options among expats looking to move to another country. The country boasts solid infrastructure and high-quality amenities. Moreover, it’s close to North America, which can be advantageous to some expats who still want to be within easy reach of their home country. You might have heard great things about living here, too. For instance, you could spend a little and afford to rent a house in Panama City that is considered luxurious. And if you’re retired, you could enjoy a fun and easy life there!


That said, moving to Panama might not be for everyone. You have to do your homework, determine your reasons for moving, be honest with yourself, and reflect on your personal decisions and needs to determine if it’s a good idea. Here are five things you might want to consider before you move:

  1. Is it for you and your family?


You have to discuss your plan with your family, especially if you’re bringing them with you. Make sure everyone is involved in your decision-making. Be sure to consider the most important things that could make you happy with your life. If you can’t bear a day or more without steady electricity or internet access, or you’re unable to survive without organic food and same-day deliveries, you might have to think twice before you proceed to move and rent a house in Panama City.

  1. The culture and lifestyle


Panama has a different lifestyle and culture and these aspects can be challenging for some foreigners, including Americans. For instance, many stores will be closed on Sundays, and many government offices close for lunch and on many holidays, and possibly during inconvenient times.

  1. Rent first


Don’t commit to buying your first property in Panama until you’re sure that it’s for you. It’s best to rent a house in Panama City to get a feel of the new environment, lifestyle, and culture. You can also try renting a home in different neighborhoods until you find which place suits you.

  1. It’s not as affordable as most people think


Where you currently live and your spending habits will influence how well you can afford to live in Panama. High-rent areas may cost more in terms of groceries and utilities.

  1. It helps learn Spanish


Even if you’ll try to live there by renting a house, consider learning Spanish to avoid frustration, as many locals don’t speak much English. Learning the local language also shows that you’re doing your part to belong to the community.


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