5 Important Things To Look For In A Substance Rehab Facility

When looking at substance rehabilitation facilities, there are several important things to look for in order to ensure the best chance of overcoming your addiction and staying sober once you’ve left treatment. Finding the right substance abuse Lexington ky center will make all the difference in your long-term sobriety, so it’s imperative that you take this decision seriously. Below are 5 important things to look for in a substance rehab facility.

Adequate Amenities

A substance abuse Lexington ky center should have adequate amenities. If you are choosing between two substance abuse facilities, it is worth looking into what amenities are available at each. What kind of accommodations do they offer? Are there beds with privacy curtains or rooms that can be locked? Is there outdoor space? Are all of these spaces clean and well-maintained? Some residential treatment centers also have access to outside fields, pools, gyms, spas, art rooms, libraries and other similar facilities. This gives clients more opportunities to relax or engage with others outside of their group sessions or therapies. As clients begin treatment and progress through recovery, it is important that they have an environment where they feel comfortable seeking assistance if needed.

Experienced Staff

Choosing a pregnancy addiction Lexington ky treatment center can be a daunting task. It’s very easy to get caught up in all of its programs and services when you should actually be focused on its recovery success rate. Recovery rates are an indication of how well they prepare patients for recovery from substance abuse, their success at following through with aftercare treatments and whether or not they have tools in place that will help prevent relapse.

Look for well-trained and experienced staff members who have completed, at minimum, an accredited Credentialed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) program. Ask about their personal experience with addiction and how they’ve benefited from any previous work experience. Here is your chance to ask questions about everything from their experience with various treatment modalities to what type of follow-up services will be provided once you’re back home. Make sure you choose a program that offers options such as aftercare, sober living arrangements or continuing care services, as these can help increase your chances of long-term recovery success. The best candidates will happily discuss all aspects of what they do, including cost.

Mental Health Services

Substance rehab facilities that don’t integrate mental health services are not likely to be successful. If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction, you will need a comprehensive treatment program. Mental health issues and addictions often co-occur so it is essential that people in recovery receive holistic care from professionals who understand both addiction and mental illness. As part of a comprehensive program, there should be an option for individual therapy, group therapy and family support groups. And ideally, all these treatments should be coordinated by one primary counselor or therapist who serves as a sort of coach throughout treatment.


It is important that you find a treatment center that works within your budget. Also make sure you know all of your financial options and don’t sign any binding contracts without understanding what they mean. Do not be afraid to ask about payment plans or ways that might help reduce costs; often, such options do exist.


As you can imagine, choosing where you will spend an extended period of time during treatment is crucial; therefore, location must be taken into consideration. Some facilities offer distractions and entertainment while others require complete seclusion from negative outside influences – think about what kind of atmosphere would best suit your individual needs and preferences before making a choice.

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