5 Important Tips Straight from Experts to Write a Successful CDR Report

With an increase in the number of engineering jobs in Australia, so many skilled engineers flying down to Australia to kick start their new professional journey. If this is your case, I am sure you are aware of the career choices and engineering occupational categories that Engineers Australia considers. No matter what occupational category you choose, you would be required to submit a competency demonstration report to prove your eligibility to get a skilled migration visa. A good CDR can be your token to move to Australia. But to get it approved, you are required to write it with utmost precision while keeping the guidelines set by Engineers Australia for Skills Assessment for Migration.

Remember the CDR report you submit has to meet the criteria set by EA. No matter how much you have achieved as a student or engineering professional, a poorly written CDR can take away all your chances to move to Australia. To avoid that, you can also take help of CDR writers Australia.

Vital factors to keep in mind for a successful CDR report

Understand the requirement & purpose

To write a successful CDR, it is of utmost importance that you understand what purpose the CDR report serves. Make sure you know the guidelines stated by EA and strictly follow the official website of Engineers Australia. Also, there is a structure that you need to follow to get your CDR report approved. Your CDR report must contain a well-written CPD, career episodes, and a summary statement.

  1. Selection of Topic for Career Episodes

Your chances of winning increase when you come up with good career episodes in the report. So the wise thing would be to go through the skills and abilities that Engineers Australia mostly looks for in a candidate. Choose a topic that allows you to explain your efficiencies well. If you face any difficulty, you can always take guidance from the best CDR writers Australia.

  1. Make it Crisp & Precise

What you must keep in mind is that nobody likes to go through those long and lengthy paragraphs. Keep your CDR report writing as concise and comprehensive as possible to make it easy to read and easy to understand as well. And to do that, focus on writing about the main achievements and skills that can prove your competency.

  1. Use active voice 

Use active voice as much as possible especially while writing career episodes in the CDR report. This will not only make it easy to understand but will make it more appealing. Maintain the formal tone and engaging for a reader.

  1. Keep it original 

Plagiarism is something that can leave you in danger and can lead your CDR to rejection. So be careful while stating any information in your CDR and cross-check it to make sure it is original and proves your credibility. Do plagiarism-check twice to prevent it from rejection.

At last, don’t forget to follow the guidelines set by EA as missing out any of the guidelines can lead your CDR to rejection. Rest, follow these tips and you will surely get the desired results.

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