5 Important Tips to Prevent House Fires


A fire in your home can be terrifying and destructive, even if it’s small or only burns some of your belongings. Every year, thousands of people are injured or die in house fires, most of which could have been prevented with proper home safety measures and regular care of your home appliances. Here are five important tips from the best home alarm monitoring company as to how you can prevent house fires from occurring in your home.

Don’t Overload Wires:

During a power surge, overloaded wires can overheat and cause fires. To prevent overloads, simply make sure each appliance has its own cord or plug. By doing so, you’ll ensure that if one of your devices falls victim to a power surge it won’t damage your entire home. You may need to hire an electrician to help rewire your home. It is well worth it for peace of mind and safety purposes.

Keep Your Chimney Free from Debris:

If a buildup of ash gets too large in your fireplace or wood stove, you’re at risk for a chimney fire. Cleaning out your flue regularly is one way to prevent a buildup of ash and debris. Always use dry kindling when lighting fires, as wet wood can lead to smoldering fires that won’t necessarily be visible.

Keep Lighters Away from Children:

A lighter is a very useful tool, but storing it in an easy-to-reach spot can lead to accidental fires. Keep all lighters away from children’s reach and be careful not to drop one on your carpet or sofa. Accidental fires can also start when two or more lighters come into contact with each other—in a pocket, purse, and so on. Always keep your lighters in their original packaging and store them out of sight.

Ensure Proper Ventilation in Kitchens:

According to the home security system companies near me, kitchen fires can quickly spread in enclosed areas with little air flow. If you have an open, clean vent above your stove or oven, air can circulate freely and will reduce your risk of a kitchen fire. You should also make sure to store lighters and other flammable materials away from high-heat areas. Unattended cooking is another major cause of kitchen fires, so be sure to stay present while you’re cooking.

Maintain Your Fire Alarms:

Every once in a while, check your home’s smoke detectors/fire alarm systems and carbon monoxide detectors. If they aren’t working properly, your home would be at serious risk. But remember: smoke detectors don’t last forever. Test all of your fire alarm systems on a regular basis (at least once a month) to ensure they’re working properly. Regardless of their age, periodic testing and maintenance is imperative to ensure they effectively protect your property.

To help keep your family safe from fire, follow these house fire prevention tips. Get in touch with a home security company if you don’t have fire alarm systems or smoke detectors installed.

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