5 Interesting facts about Hollywood Actor Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger aka “Joker” was one of the best actors in Hollywood who left his fans and the world very soon at the age of 28 years. The veteran actor always managed to amaze his fans through his acting skills. He had played the role of some of the most iconic characters in Hollywood like “Peter pan”, “Willian Thatcher” and his most loved character “Joker”. But there are many facts about Heath Ledger that most people don’t know. So, today we are going to share with you some of these facts.

1. He is an Australian actor

Heath Ledger was born in Australia in the year 1979 in Perth. His mother was a French trencher, and his father is a mining engineer. When the veteran actor was 10-year-old, his parents got divorced, which perhaps left lots of wounds on his soul. As he grew older, he developed an interest in sports, hockey, acting, and also started performing in local theatres too and soon became the head of his school’s acting team at a young age of 15. After that, he finally took acting as his profession.

2. Journey as an Actor

In the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” the actor got noticed and was invited to play a role in the series “Roar” by FOX. After that, he received his first role in “Fingers fan” in 1999. But after establishing himself as an idol handsome teenager, he decided to do more serious characters. After that, he worked in “Brokeback Mountain” and soon received the award of the Best Debutant of the Year for his role in the film “The Patriot”. Then he took a role in the movie “A Knights’ Tale”.

Then he reached his career peak in 2005 by having worked in the movies of 4 different brands in which he played 4 diverse roles. These movies were “The Brothers Grimm”, “Kings of Dogtown, “Brokeback Mountain, and “Casanova”. Finally, he played his most iconic role “Joker” in the movie “The Dark Knight “for which he got an “Oscar, and soon after that, he went back to live with his parents and sister and soon died at the peak of his career.

3. Affair, Marriage and his Daughter

Heath Ledger had many relationships in the past. He first came into a relationship with Liza Zane who was older than him, and he had met her on the sets of the “Roar”. The age difference did not bother Heath, but pretty soon both of them parted ways.

Then Christina Cauchy came into the life of the actor (A upcoming model at that time) whom he met in Australia. But soon that relation also ended and both parted ways.

After that Heath met Heather Graham, they stayed in relation for a few months, but soon that relation also ended. Soon he entered into relation with Naomi watts whom he had first met on the set of the “The Kelly Gang” In the year 2003. Naomi, who was 11 years older than Heath soon fell in love with him. Their affair made headlines in the news, and many people thought that they might end up getting married, but they also parted ways due to their difference within two years.

After all these relations the actor finally met the love of his life “Michelle Williams” who was her on-screen wife in the movie” Brokeback Mountain”. Both of them loved each other very much. Soon the couple moved to Brooklyn to protect themselves from the eyes of reporters. But on 28 October 2005, it was reported that the couple had a daughter named Matilda Rose. The couple lived together for almost three years, but their marriage was never registered, and after some time she also left the actor with her daughter.

4. Life of the Actor

The veteran actor went through many relations but was never able to become an idol family man. In September 2007 (4 months before the death of the veteran actor), the actor broke up with his girlfriend Michelle Williams. But the true cause of their break up was never revealed. As a result, lots of speculation started to grow some said they had differences in opinions and some said that its actor’s addiction to drugs due to which the couple broke up after 3 years of relation and a daughter.

But after the painful break up soon, he started to get back on track in his life.  He was seen with many girls and also made headlines with his relation with Helena Christensen, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Gemma Ward. However soon the actor went into depression. But despite being in depression, the actor performed his most icon character in the movie “The Dark Night” for which he got lots of appreciation from the fans all over the world.

5. Death of Actor

In January 2008 the veteran actor was found dead in his New York apartment by the housekeeper. His body was sent for postmortem, but the experts were unable to find the true cause of his death. The body was sent for a toxicological examination where the cause of his death was revealed. According to the official reports, the actor had died because of the overdose of drugs. Once the investigation of his death was completed, he was buried in Perth Cemetery Karrakatta.

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