5 Key Reasons that Are Responsible for Toilet Clogging

Nobody truly needs to talk about toilets, yet we all utilize them — and they can easily get clogged. A clogged toilet can be messy, embarrassing, and terrible. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get rid of toilet clogs; you only need to know what causes them in the first place. Here are 5 key things that will easily clog your toilet for which you will definitely take a call and look for a Clogged Toilet Plumber in Fairfax.

  1. Lots of Toilet Paper

This may sound confusing. In the end, we’ve told you several times that you should just ever flush toilet paper, right? Tragically, there is likewise such a thing as a lot of toilet paper. Flushing a lot of toilet paper can easily clog a trap. The trap is basically the curved part of the pipe that just stops sewer gas from blowing into your home. Plumbers easily find toilet paper caught in toilet traps, so avoid flushing a lot of toilet paper at once.

  1. Flushable Wipes

Avoid flushing wipes down the toilet because they will clog your toilet. If you see any hygiene, make up removal, or baby wipes mentioned as “flushable,” make sure you throw them in the trash immediately after use. The only things you should truly flush in the drain are toilet paper as well as human waste. We observe toilets clogged every time due to “Flushable” wipes.

  1. No Sufficient Water in The Tank

If there is not sufficient water in the tank, you may see weaker flushes as well as eventual clogs. As you might have witnessed, functional toilets produce a huge amount of water per flush. This makes sufficient pressure to flush all things down the drain. However, if your toilet is leaking or the tank isn’t just filling up, it won’t flush appropriately and can lead to clogs.

  1. Utilizing Something Besides Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is made to dissolve in water, however, tissues, paper towels, and wipes are not. If you utilize anything different from toilet paper to tidy up, avoid flushing it down the toilet. Dodging non-flushable paper products will save you from dealing with the trouble caused by a clog.

  1. Toys and Different Objects

Younger kids, specifically, are full of curiosity. They might need to flush their toys or different objects down the toilet to find what happens. It’s crucial to teach your kids what is as well as isn’t flushable, so you can overlook a few messy clogs down the line. We’ve observed everything from car keys to toys, to stuffed animals and also, packages of food clogging up toilets!

In Conclusion

We hope you have found the above-mentioned reasons for clogging toilets valid. If any of these reasons are true in your case, then just give a call to a professional Clogged Drains Plumber in Fairfax who is also trained in fixing the clogged toilet.

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