5 Kitchen Essentials for Your Next Cheese Appetizer Party

21With cheese as the star ingredient, hosting an appetizer soirée at your home this summer is bound to be a hit with friends. For inspiration, think air fried goat cheese and fig jam wontons, bite-sized cheesesteak sandwiches, three-cheese fondue, and a specialty cheese and charcuterie board.

After you plan your menu, the next step will be taking inventory of your kitchen. For smooth preparation accompanied by a wonderful presentation, you’ll want a few essentials to set yourself up for a successful cheese appetizer party. Here are five kitchen items any cheese lover can appreciate.

Guilt-Free Air Fryer

If you haven’t discovered the magic of the air fryer, it’s time. You can enjoy flavorful fried foods without feeling guilty. High-quality air fryers, such as one of the Cuisinart models, are specially engineered to ensure golden brown, crispy foods without tons of oil or a splattering mess. A great stainless steel unit complements any kitchen décor. Your air fryer will probably be the talk of your party, right behind how delicious those goat cheese wontons taste.

Gourmet Cheese Knife Set

Find a precision set of three knives made to cut soft cheese, hard cheese, and parmesan. A cheese knife set is especially valuable for preparing a beautiful cheese board or platter. For those who enjoy cooking, you can never have enough high-quality knife sets for the various tasks at hand.

Marble Serving Board

An elegant serving board adds a touch of class to your party whether you’re using it to serve artisanal cheeses, hors d’oeuvres, or snacks. A round marble board with an accent of teak wood is a beautiful piece to have for food presentation. To stand alone or serve food, a round marble board makes a statement on the table.

Copper Fondue Set

Dazzle your guests by presenting a handcrafted copper fondue set that’s designed for making gourmet-quality fondues, dessert sauces, and more. An elegant, heirloom-quality set allows your sauces and fondues to stay velvety smooth. A classic gruyere fondue will not separate because copper helps contain heat and moisture. A timeless copper fondue pot makes an excellent addition to your copper cookware set.

Bonus Item: Colored Stemless Glassware

Party guests will most likely expect wine to go with their cheese. If you do in fact plan on serving wine at your cheese appetizer party, make sure your wine glass collection is ready to party as well. A set of stemless wine glasses with pastel hues will not only look softly glamorous, but guests will also know which color is theirs. Of course, not all of your wine glasses have to be stemless or match, but you want everyone to feel special with glassware that makes a statement. Above all, enjoy your cheese (and wine) party with people you care about—and celebrate the joy of good food.

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