5 Milestones to Celebrate on Your Health and Weight Loss Journey

When you’re first starting out on your health, weight loss, and fitness journey, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. From the things you have to say “no” to, to the change in your daily habits, just the thought of altering your lifestyle forever can be intimidating. Which is part of the reason why the key to anything life-changing is taking baby steps. It’s also vital to allow yourself to celebrate and take pride in those small steps. So, whether you’re well on your way to achieving your final goal or you’re just starting your health journey, here are five milestones worth celebrating along the way.

You Move the Needle

The first and perhaps most celebration-worthy milestone is when you move the needle of the scale for the first time. After years of either not giving fitness and nutrition any thought or following the wrong diet or exercise regimen, you’re finally seeing results. It can only get better from here, so pat yourself on the back and keep moving forward.

Your Clothes Stop Fitting (In the Best Way!)

The second biggest and earliest milestone you’ll reach is a change in how your clothes fit and feel. After even just a couple of weeks on an intermittent fasting weight loss regimen, you might notice that your shirts are a tad bit looser or you need to move up to the next notch on your belt. Congratulations! The only way to celebrate is to, of course, head to the mall and treat yourself to something new that fits your slimmer figure.

People Start Noticing

While we know our bodies better than anyone else and can see slight variations in definition, toning, or shape, it can take other people a little bit longer to notice. Once you see a friend for the first time in a few weeks, they’ll likely have a compliment-inducing reaction that will send your little heart aflutter. You don’t need to pinch yourself—this isn’t a dream. You’ve finally made progress, and you’re on the right track toward becoming the healthy superstar you know that you can be.

It Stops Feeling Like Work

It’s no secret that starting a weight loss exercise program and going to the gym isn’t easy, and for most first-timers, just getting into the gym or out on the trails is an accomplishment in its own right. Whatever you have to do to incentivize yourself to go, do it. It gets easier with time and if you can stick with it for long enough, exercising and eating right is almost automatic. Then it takes little to no work to make a habit of it. Believe it or not, working out and eating healthy can really be fun!

You Start Maintaining

The final big milestone is when you’ve reached your health and weight loss goals, and you’re ready to coast, keeping the same healthy lifestyle for years to come. You’ve finally done it, and while others might have quit along the way, you stuck with it, and the hard work has paid off. Don’t stop now—keep moving forward! Either set new health goals or simply maintain what works for you. You’ve arrived. Congrats!

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