5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Child Care Centre


Choosing a Dee Why children’s centre can be stressful, as you want to be confident that your child will be in good hands while you’re away at work and school each day. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which one will work the best for your family. The following five mistakes can help you avoid finding yourself in an uncomfortable position with the wrong choice

1) Not Checking the Facility’s Licensing Status

It’s important to check the facility’s licensing status before you enrol your child.

Make sure that the centre has a license in good standing by calling them and asking for their license number. If they say they don’t know, ask for their mailing address so you can look it up on the Department of Education’s website yourself.

2) Rushing with Making Decision

It’s important to take the time to research and investigate all your options before making a decision on which child care centres Dee Why is right for you. It can be tempting, especially when you have limited time, but rushing into it without doing research can lead you down the wrong path.

3) Not Looking into The Program’s Schedule and Curriculum

When you’re looking for child care, it’s important to find out about the program’s schedule and curriculum. This can be tricky because there are so many options available. Start by asking your friends and family members who they use. Then, take a tour of the facility and meet with the staff. Ask them what their program offers and if they have any openings.

4) Not Considering the Location of The Child Care Centre

Location is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a child care Dee Why for your children. A good location will make it easier for you to drop off and pick up your kids, and will also allow them access to amenities such as parks, play areas, and other schools. Do not be afraid to look at multiple centres in different neighbourhoods before choosing one. Another mistake is not considering the hours of operation.

5) Looking for The Cheaper Price

You may be tempted to choose the child care centre with the cheapest price. The cost of child care is not always the most important factor, however, and you should consider other things such as convenience, safety, and curriculum when making your decision.


In conclusion, there are many things that can make or break your experience as a parent. To avoid making the mistakes listed above, you should be sure to do your research and ask all the right questions before making any decisions.

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