5 Most Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

There are many people that are seeking out one of the top workers comp lawyers in Lancaster, PA at any given time. After seeing many different cases, here are some of the top workers’ compensation injuries we find here at Georglies Injury Law Firm.

1. Accidental Falls Many of the people who want to find one of the best workers compensation attorneys in Lancaster PA will have suffered an accidental fall on the job. Typically, this is the result of somebody using a mop and not putting up a sign warning of the slippery surface. This is almost always an open-and-shut case for workers’ compensation that the employee will win.

2. Machinery Accidents If you work in a warehouse with machinery of some sort, there is always some sort of risk involved. Usually, the worker will be well aware of the risks and be able to masterfully use heavy machinery without issues. When the machinery fails, though, an injury can occur. This is when you should file for workers’ compensation.

3. Delivery Driver Accidents Working as a delivery driver is a pretty fulfilling job for various people since you can cruise around your city and listen to your favorite tunes while making a few bucks along the way. If you get in an accident, especially one that isn’t your fault, then you can file for workers’ compensation.

4. Muscle Strains from Lifting & Moving Objects If you work a job where you are constantly lifting heavy objects, it can quickly add up and cause an injury. Overexertion, for example, is when you pull a muscle, ligament, joint, and so on. If this occurs on the job, then you are probably entitled to workers’ compensation. Employers often try to fight this case by saying that you were not lifting the object properly if legal action is taken.

5. Falling Objects Those who work in warehouses with lots of packages, boxes, containers, and such, will often have them stacked up around the area that they work. When supports fail, things can fall onto an employee. This is almost always the fault of the employer for not having a shelving system that could properly support their materials.

Need Help with Your Case of Workers’ Compensation? If you are having difficulty with your particular case and are searching for some of the top workers compensation lawyers in Lancaster, PA, give us a call here at Georgelis Injury Law Firm. We offer free consultations and won’t charge a dime until you know exactly what we will offer you.

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