5 most essential points when drafting an affidavit

It is true that at least once in a lifetime every person is asked to present an affidavit. There are many reasons that affidavits are important. Creating an affidavit will give your claims authentication that you made in your affidavit.

So are you thinking about why Affidavit is essential? Here in this article, we will show you the 5 most essentials points that every person must remember while drafting an affidavit.

5 Most Essentials Points To Remember While Crafting An Affidavit:

• An Affidavit must be prepared in writing

Affidavits must be prepared in writing because it is mostly used in court and for legal claims. Preparing affidavits in writing is making an individual responsible for the oath in the affidavit. It prevents individuals from making wrong statements with unknown terms.

• It should be made in the primary person

Affidavits can’t be made on the basis of other people. The reason behind this is to prevent reasonable person without being aware of any sensible information written in affidavits. It is important for the witness to state the facts that are known to him. But if affidavits are made on behalf of minor children or insane people, then there are exceptions.

• An Affidavit must be the declaration of an individual

An Affidavit can be made simply by an individual, and not by any other people like Companies and different associations or Groups of people.

• It should relate to reality facts alone

An Affidavit should specify the current facts as per the best information and conviction of the deponent. It ought not to be founded on assumptions.

• Affidavits should be sworn or affirmed in front of an authorized administrator

Only an authorized administrator has the power to attest to an affidavit. For example, if you want to change your name then that name-changing affidavit must be verified either by a Notary Public or by a commissioner or Judicial officer. Same applies to lost and damaged passport affidavits.

Who Can Create an Affidavit?

An affidavit is created by the person who is mentally stable and is in a state to understand the statements made in the affidavit. In the end, the individual ought not to be insane or incapable of knowing the significance of the mentioned statements in the affidavit.

How NOTARIZERS is assisting you in drafting the affidavit?

Swearing of a wrong affidavit can put you at risk to be charged under the offense of Perjury. It is a grave issue that warrants strict punishment. It is always recommended to prepare the affidavit under the guidance of experienced NOTARIZERS.

The affidavit contains a list of simple facts, so it becomes important to make the affidavit under proper format and without any error/mistake. The affidavit must contain all the relevant facts that you want to add to your statement. Thus, for making an affidavit you may need the assistance of professional NOTARIZERS.

Do you need the assistance of qualified and experienced notaries? No more worries! Expert NOTARIZERS are here to help you create the Affidavit, wills, or power of attorney, among others.

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