5 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home Office

Environmental issues are the most significant concerns all over the planet. Be it global warming, climate change, or pollution issues, nature is showing the impacts of our ill-treatment.

While most of us ignore our role in the process of improvement, we can do a lot just by modifying our purchasing a bit. To start with, you can switch to eco-friendly options, especially when it comes to office stationeries and supplies. Now if you have made your mind to step into the path of sustainable products, we have for you five best eco-friendly office products for your home office.

5 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home Office

The Original Paper Pen

According to an estimate, the entire US dumps 1.6 billion plastic pens every year. People prefer disposable pens as they are cheaper than the other options. Less do we know that they are made up of non-recyclable plastic. They cannot be decomposed and just keep occupying space in the landfills. As an alternative, you can use the Original Paper Pen, which is made up of biodegradable paper. You can choose between a broad tip or a fine tip, both of which are made from brass. Though the ink is in the plastic file as you can see in any pen, the body made of recyclable paper will lessen 70% of plastic used in comparison to other pens. These pens are the product of an Australia based company, Paper Pens Co., and they ship their products worldwide. Also, the company ensures that all the shipments are carbon neutral.

Plume Labs Flow 2

In today’s time, where there is hardly any place without pollution, it is imperative to make sure that your workspace has good air quality. Though your office space has air conditioning, it does not purify the air. Knowing what kind of air you are breathing throughout the day can help you undertake necessary changes and breathe healthy air. For keeping track of the air quality around you, you can use Plume Labs Flow 2, which is a portable device that monitors air quality. The tool uses its Bluetooth and sensors to judge the quality of the air you are breathing. You can tap on the button at the front to activate the LEDs, which will keep showing you the air quality. You can also sync it with your smartphone and see the air quality.

Bodum Chambord

Are you looking for a coffee machine for your workplace, which is eco-friendly? Let me break the bad news to you; there isn’t any. There is no sustainable substitute for the synthetic materials and components used in the manufacturing of coffee machines yet.  However, if you use your own portable machine, you will surely be able to maintain the standard of beans and lessen waste by avoiding disposable cups. This way, you can also control your caffeine intake. If you prepare your coffee manually with warm water and French press, you can reduce the cost as well as the energy consumption of your coffee. The Bodum Chambord is a French press coffee machine that focuses on energy saving. It lets you choose your coffee beans so you can opt for an environmentally-aware brand.

KeepCup Brew Cork Black

Another big part of our daily waste is disposable takeaway cups made of plastic. Though many of them are made of cardboard, they are non-recyclable as the interior is covered with plastic to prevent leakage.

What you can do is buy your own reusable coffee cup such as KeepCup Brew Cork Black. This is the first brand ever to design reusable coffee cups that easily fit barista-style machines. The mug is convenient as it has a cork grip and is washable with a machine. Also, you can change the tops of the cups.

method All-Purpose Lavender Wipes

Whenever the pandemic ends, all houses and especially offices will have to ensure the best cleanliness in their areas. You must think that all cleaners have to be harsh to eliminate bacteria and germs. However, there are better alternatives, as well.

‘method’ is a company that produces eco-friendly supplies like surface cleaners, wipes, sprays, etc. These will clean your workspace as well as cause less harm to the environment. Its All-Purpose Lavender Wipes are very significant for cleaning. They are biodegradable and cruelty-free. You can easily clean your computer and desk with it.

It is essential to make people more aware of their purchases and how changing them a bit can improve environmental conditions. Therefore shift to sustainable alternatives and start from where you work by trying out these products.

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