5 Must-Have Elements for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package


Before you dive into planning your wedding, you might want to make sure your engagement photos are taken care of first! Pre-wedding photoshoots aren’t just fun, they also help you and your partner feel more comfortable in front of the camera on your big day, and they also give you time to work out any kinks in your posing skills before the real deal. If you’re thinking about adding this service to your wedding budget, here are five must-have elements for your pre wedding photoshoot Sydney package.

Engagement Shoot

These pre-wedding shoots usually take place about six months before the wedding and are an important part of your photography package. They will be filled with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety which is great for pictures! A good rule of thumb is to schedule this session around the same time you would like your Save the Date cards to be sent out. Make sure that you give your photographer enough notice so they can work this session into their busy schedule.

Bridal Session

A bridal session is one of the most important elements of any Sydney pre wedding photography package. It provides the opportunity to get photographs with all of your family and friends, captures the intimate moments with just you and your partner, and can help ease the wedding day jitters by letting you practice some poses beforehand. Bridal sessions can also help document those personal touches that were important to you and are unique to your relationship or faith.

Ceremony Coverage

Having a photographer is crucial when you have the honour of being asked to photograph someone’s wedding day, but there are some factors you should consider when pricing. Wedding photographers Sydney usually offer three types of coverage: Ceremony Coverage, Pre-Ceremony Photography Coverage, and Post-Ceremony Coverage. The pre-ceremony photography coverage can include time spent taking photos with the bride and groom before they walk down the aisle. The post-ceremony photography coverage includes pictures taken after the ceremony has concluded including pictures with family members, friends, and those who came to support them on their big day.


The most obvious inclusion in pre-wedding photography packages is the selection of photographs from the photoshoot, but there are other things that should be included as well. Namely, you may want to include some mementos in your package such as keepsakes and heirlooms. However, you can’t simply hand over some items you find at a thrift store—these items have to have sentimental value to be worthwhile wedding gifts.

Personalized Touch

This is an opportunity to customize your wedding photography package. Talk to the photographer about what matters to you and what would be the perfect addition to your pre-wedding photography package. Is there anything you’ve always dreamed of doing in this moment before the wedding? That might be worth mentioning. You can talk about location, outfit ideas, or have them ask some questions about why you’re excited for this momentous day.

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