5 Must-Have Personality Traits of a Criminal Defence Lawyer

What are the qualities of a good criminal lawyer? This article shares tips about the traits you should look for when hiring a criminal defence attorney.


Most people understand the importance of hiring an experienced criminal defence attorney, but the biggest challenge is finding one. I’m sure you know that your lawyer can significantly affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

Finding a top criminal attorney in Toronto can be frustrating if you do not know what to look for. In this article, we shared the personality traits of good criminal defence lawyers and how to look for them.

Qualities of a Skilled Criminal Defence Attorney

It’s essential to have legal representation when fighting criminal charges but to find a competent and reliable criminal attorney is not easy, as previously mentioned.

Good legal representation goes beyond hiring someone to represent you in court. You must ensure that your prospective attorney is skilled, knowledgeable, and understands criminal law for reliable legal representation. The following are the qualities to look for when hiring a criminal lawyer in Toronto.


  1. Excellent Communication Skills

The nature of criminal defence attorneys’ work requires them to be excellent communicators. Communication is the only way to present a case before a judge or court. Consequently, you should ensure that you can convey the facts of your case using the right words.

  1. Analytical Skills

Analytical skills help lawyers crystallize information and present it in a courtroom. In addition, your lawyer might sometimes be required to analyze prevailing conditions based on presented evidence and changing facts of a case. Ensure the right candidate can analyze different situations and make a reasonable conclusion.

  1. Ability to Speak in Public

The ability to speak in public is also known as public speaking skills. Research shows that people who express themselves in public without problems are usually confident. A lawyer who isn’t satisfied with public speaking will likely resort to an out-of-court settlement because they cannot present your case in a packed courtroom.

  1. Good Listener

Advising your clients and communicating your thoughts is good, but it doesn’t make you an excellent criminal defence attorney. Good lawyers possess other skills, and being a good listener is one of them. Poor listeners may not have an excellent solution to their client’s problems because they’re likely to miss crucial details of your legal situation.

  1. Confidentiality

Attorney-client privilege requires information revealed by clients to attorneys to remain confidential. In other words, your lawyer is prohibited from sharing the facts of your case with third parties. That said, you should look for a criminal lawyer with a reputation for being secretive. Lawyers should not share sensitive information with others as it may impact the case.

Ensure your lawyer has the traits mentioned in this article and more when choosing an attorney. The first step toward legally protecting yourself is looking for a criminal defence lawyer with desired characteristics. Always remember that your lawyer plays a crucial role in your case.

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