5 Nightwear Lingerie Must-Haves

It is essential to dress comfortably when you go to bed. Not only does it help you unwind, but it also makes you feel safe in a way. This is primarily why many women prefer to toss their lingerie away at nighttime. But this harmless habit could lead to sagging and unnecessary movements.  Now, the lingerie you wear at night does not need to be tight and uncomfortable. You can easily find soft, lightweight garments that feel like a feather when you wear them.

They provide the necessary support without making their presence known. Read the list below to find out more:

  1. Cotton bra

A simple cotton ladies’ bra with no padding and underwire makes for the ultimate nightwear brassiere. One with multiple closures on the back enables you to adjust as you like. It supports your bosoms and restricts jiggling when you toss or turn.

  1. Boy shorts

These are women’s knickers or bikini bottoms with a low waistline. They cut straight across the upper thigh and provide optimum coverage in the front and rear areas. Hence, they are incredibly comfortable to wear to bed.

  1. Chemise

A chemise is a modern women’s undergarment. It is quite like a loose-fitting night dress. The only difference is that it is slightly shorter than a typical night dress. Also, it comes in different fabric materials. For example, many women prefer satin or silk chemises as the sheen finish feels dreamy to the touch. Likewise, some opt for a lace one for special occasions.

Ensure you shop from a reliable brand regardless of which material you choose. Also, follow the wash instructions to sustain the garment’s durability.

  1. Camisole

A camisole is a sleeveless undergarment that extends to the waistline. Ideally, women wear it as innerwear underneath sheer blouses or dresses. However, given their comfort, you can always wear them to bed. They are usually made of cotton, silk, or nylon. Thus, they are breathable, soft, and easy to wash.

  1. Sports bra

You need more than a standard cotton bra if you have bigger breasts. But you also need a brassiere that is comfortable enough for nighttime. This is when a sports bra comes to your aid. Unlike standard bras, it usually does not come with closures at the back. It offers the needed support to your breasts and does not leave room for movement. It is the perfect alternative when you are not in the mood to wear a standard bra.

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