5 Nose Ring Designs You Can Choose For Your Wedding Day

A bride ensures to look like a queen on her wedding day. You dress up with the best traditional wear like ghagras, saris, and even gowns for the occasion. Since it is a moment to cherish and enjoy, you make the most of it by buying the best ornaments and applying makeup to enhance your appearance. Weddings are always a moment to celebrate in pomp and grace.

You can choose ornaments like bangles, earrings, anklets, waist chains, necklaces, and even maang tikkas to complement your outfit. Another important inclusion in this list is the nose ring design. It is probably a game-changer for all bridal looks and enhances their grace. You can find many jewellers offering different patterns and sizes of nose rings.

Maharashtrian nose ring

One of India’s most popular and widespread varieties, the Maharashtrian nose ring is often sported in celebrity weddings and movies. The ‘tanmani’ elements in the cashew shaped nose ring bring out the natural beauty in the bride. You can find many variants while jewellery shopping online.

South Indian nose ring

It looks striking when worn traditionally. Also known as the ‘Mukhutti’, it is a bride’s treasure. This traditional nose ring, made in gold with rubies or emeralds, is often worn without the chain to complement the bride’s golden jewellery and silky attire.

Bengali nose ring

It is the perfect element to make you look gorgeous and sober. This Nath made in gold with a light smattering of pearls in an elegant chain-like pattern brings together a wedding trousseau like no other. The fusion of white and gold themes of Bengali weddings and the red elements of the makeup and outfit symbolises tradition and heritage.

Punjabi nose ring

Traditional to Punjab, the Laung is a clove shaped nose stud with a precious gem seated and embedded in its folds. It is popular in the northern parts of India and featured in movies, songs, and literature for years. Not as bold as its counterparts, a Laung will give you a subtle and alluring mystique. You can buy it from online jewellery shopping websites.

Gold nose ring

Beautiful, enchanting, and fascinating, these new gold Naths come in stunning varieties. While traditional bridal nose ring compliments the beauty of Indian bridal fashion and makeup, these gold Nath designs elevate the trousseau and give it an edge like no other.


While shopping for online jewellery in India, you can compare the prices and patterns for an affordable purchase. These jewel pieces will make you look like a princess on your wedding day.

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