5 offbeat media careers ideal for the creative types

For most creative people, a career in the media seems like a dream job. It gives them the freedom to express themselves and the flexibility to explore different avenues. You can even take on short, three to six month certificate courses to brush up your creative side. But if you are stuck in a 9-5 grind, you may want to explore options that can help your creative juices flow. Your time at your school of communication can help you branch out and create effective careers that pay well. Let is look at some offbeat ones:

Social Media Influencer: Social media has become a strong platform for production and consumption of fresh content. One of the quickest ways in which a brand becomes popular today is through social media influencers. Influencers review various products and give their comments on the same. They can share their comments on their personal social media platforms. The idea is to get a fair assessment of a brand. As an influencer’s following grows, brands begin reaching out to them by sending their own products for review.

Blogger: You media course helps you develop your writing skills. Individuals who have a flair for writing and enjoy word-play can build a career in blogging. Unlike a decade ago, where blogging was only viewed as a hobby, today it is a full-fledged career that pays well too. Almost every company today hires a blogger to communicate about their products and/or services. Blogging gives you the freedom to express yourself, while doing what you love to do most – write!

Vlogger: Vloggers are simply bloggers who make and share videos. They usually start with setting up a video streaming channel and proceed to create their own websites. But an effective video is one which is well edited and captures the attention of the audience. Most vloggers tend to select a theme and specialise in them by creating similar content. For instance, you could choose to be fitness vlogger, a food vlogger or a beauty vlogger. As the popularity of your channel grows, so do your earnings.

Cartoonist: If you are creative and artistic, you could also consider a career as a cartoonist. Whether it is online channels, tabloids or full-fledged newspapers, many young media students are considering a career in this field. As a result, many mass media schools are offering courses for careers as cartoonists. This field is especially exploding on digital media platforms where companies are hiring cartoonists to tell their brand’s story.

Photo journalist: Journalism is no longer just about reading news from a teleprompter on the TV or writing a report to be read on black and white print. More and more newspapers are adopting reporting styles wherein there is short but quality content, whereas the news story is told with the help of photos. After completing your media training course, you can take a short certificate course in photo journalism and find employment in sectors such as film and television, journalism, entertainment and social media sectors.

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