5 Offbeat Places You Should Visit In Himachal Pradesh Once in a Lifetime

The relaxing and pure land of Himachal Pradesh gives warmth to the soul and mind. It has become India’s lauded and much-admired tourist destination. This state is nestled between North India’s gigantic snow-capped mountains and offers memories that cling for a lifetime.

The door of this beautiful place is opened for nature lovers, adventure lovers, history buffs, honeymoon seekers, and pilgrimages.

Below is a list of five offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh that you must visit.

#1 Malana: Historically Rich Village

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Did you know that Malana is known as one of the oldest democracies in the world? The residents of this village believe themselves to be a descendant of the Aryan civilization. It’s a stunning village, located in the Valley of Parvati with many interesting stories.

What’s interesting is that this place has its administrative law. The villagers carefully follow the procedures that look similar to the Greek management system. Malana is also known for its notion of purity.

Key attractions: Jamula Devta Temple, Chalal Trekking Trail, Rasol Pass.

#2 Chitkul: Organic Farms and More

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Chitkul is a beautiful small village nestled in the Kinnaur district. It is situated at 3450 meters. It is the last village near the Indo-Tibet border where you can travel without a visa.

People visiting Chitkul book accommodation in Sangla and prepare the same day to go back to this stunning village. On the way from Sangla to Chitkul, the river Baspa is a constant companion, along with snow-capped mountains, mustard fields, and apple orchards.

This valley is known for its finest potatoes and peas in the world. The climate here can be cold, harsh, and highly unpredictable.

Key attractions: Mathi Temple, Charang Chitkul Pass, Lalan Ti

#3 Pabbar Valley: Colonial Influence

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Located just 100km away from Shimla, the beautiful Pabbar Valley is a mixture of scenic beauty and nature. It has fruit orchards, rapid brooks enough to draw British Viceroys, and scenic hamlets.

Through the birch, oak, and cedar forests, Pabbar Valley takes you to small villages that are quite untouched. You can enjoy fun activities, including walking, hunting, rafting, paragliding, camping, and more.

Key attractions: Chandarnahan Trek, Saru Trek

#4 Thanedar: Home to Numerous Orchards

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Thanedar is a true delight for nature lovers as it is home to numerous orchards. One can enjoy the juicy apples supplied across India and abroad.

You can also book resorts in Thanedar to experience the raw nature. It’s a highly recommended offbeat destination for couples.

On your trip to Thanedar, you can visit nearby places like Nag Devta Temple, situated on the Tani-Jubbar Lake. You can also visit St. Mary’s Church, one of India’s oldest churches, and Hathu Peak, which offers a fascinating view of the Himalayan snow-clad peaks.

Key attractions: Stokes Farm House, apple orchards, Hira Mahal Palace

#5 Kheerganga: For Adventurous Experiences

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Tucked away in the Kullu district, Kheerganga is a must-visit for adventurous experiences. This beautiful place should be on your bucket list.

You would have to go to Barsain, and then a four-hour journey would take you to Kheerganga. You can choose the Kheerganga trek to witness raw and untouched nature.

Key attractions: Trek, The Fairy Forest, Parvati Valley

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