5 Office Layout Ideas to Revive a Boring Workspace


You’ve worked hard to make your office space into the perfect workspace, but have you paid attention to the layout? A few changes to the office layout can be all it takes to refresh your office space and make your employees more productive. Incorporate some of these ideas into your workplace, or simply use them as inspiration for a whole new design! A new office layout can help you increase productivity and bring a much-needed change to your office decor. Here are a few office layouts listed by the leading interior designers in Parramatta.

Focused Office Layout

While it’s possible to do serious work anywhere, a dedicated space allows you to avoid distractions and streamline your productivity. If you need to be productive for long stretches of time, consider creating a workspace with minimal distractions or traffic noise. According to the experts, uninterrupted concentration is positively correlated with increased productivity and higher performance at work.

An Open Office Layout

To keep your employees motivated and connected, open office layouts let them collaborate easily. But open office layouts can also get pretty chaotic if you don’t have adequate partitioning. Commercial interior designers in Parramatta suggest considering glass panels that allow you to see what’s going on but prevent idle chatter from getting out of hand. If noise is still an issue with your open-office layout, try acoustical tile ceilings and thicker carpeting.

The Learning Lab

A lot of offices get stale after a while and need something fresh to reinvigorate everyone. A learning lab offers a combination of open and individualised spaces that are perfect for when you plan to expand your company. With a learning lab, you can put up whiteboards around the room, create various places for sitting with the folding tables and chairs, designate specific areas with the floors, and use comfortable and flexible seating, and create spaces for intimate discussions.

The Co-working Space


Co-working spaces offer a more cost-effective alternative for businesses and individuals who have projects that require collaboration from several people, who need desk space only occasionally or on an ongoing basis, or are just looking for new inspiration. When it comes to adding some spice to your workspace, co-working spaces provide plenty of opportunities to do so.

A Sense of Home at Work

If you ask any employee, you’ll probably hear that it’s important for them to feel at home at work. People are happiest when they like their workspace and love where they spend most of their time. Instilling a sense of home at work can be as simple as filling your office with plants or creating a décor scheme that matches your personality. Get layout ideas from one of the leading interior design firms in Parramatta to make people happy by creating an environment that makes them feel comfortable, energised, and inspired every day.

Pod Area Layouts

When your office is too cramped for an entire staff, but you need space for meetings and privacy, try pods. Pods are flexible work areas that give team members plenty of room to spread out while offering options for working alone or in groups. Small meeting rooms and break rooms can be incorporated into pod area layouts as well.

The author of this article is one of the leading interior designers in Parramatta and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains a few office layouts that refresh the look of your boring old office. Find out more at https://www.alandcohausofdesign.com/.

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