5 Practices that the Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR Use to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who leave a website after visiting one page without action. The average bounce rate of a webpage should be within a range of 50-70%.

However, a website should try to keep its bounce rate lower than that. A low bounce rate will signal to Google that the content is worthy of ranking higher.

Therefore, one of the major tasks of the best SEO company in Delhi NCR is to ensure that its clients’ websites have less bounce rate than its competitors.
Here are five practices these agencies follow to keep bounce rate low:

1.    Reduce Page Load Time

Page load time is the foremost concern for SEO professionals. Case in point, 47% of the users expect web content to load within 2 seconds.

Web designers often put too much detail in a page to make it aesthetically pleasing that it takes more time to load.

However, for the users, load time matters more than the designs of web pages. So, very few visitors will have patience when searching for information.
To mitigate this issue, the best SEO company in Delhi NCR may follow several steps, including these –

●    Chose a hosting solution depending on performance, not price
●    Compress images
●    Decrease redirects
●    Enable caching in browsers
●    Reduce JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

2.    Improve Readability of Content

Users want to get all the information and quickly understand the topic. Therefore, they may quit reading a page with complicated words and long sentences.

Therefore, content must be easy to read. Here are a few pointers that the best SEO services company in Delhi may include in the write-ups to increase its readability –

●    Subheads for different sections
●    Bullet points to list out pointers
●    Short paragraphs with 2-3 sentences
●    Short sentences
●    Easy words

3.    Use Compelling Call-to-Action or CTAs

The headlines and the introduction do the primary job of building visitors’ interest. After that, call-to-actions or CTAs help in making connections with visitors so that they continue reading.

Apart from this, it acts psychologically, directing them to visit another website page, especially the service page or the product page. Thus, it reduces the bounce rate and creates an opportunity to increase conversion.

4.    Make Site Navigation Effortless –

SEO tuners create the interface of clients’ websites so that visitors can go from one page to another conveniently. If users need too much effort to navigate to another page, they may leave the site altogether.

Therefore, to help visitors go from one page to another effortlessly, agencies can improve the following factors –

●    There should be a website menu bar on webpages
●    Hypertexts should be apparent
●    Create separate sidebars
●    Make the menu bar simple so that visitors may understand it easily

5.    Integrate Logical Internal Linking

Internal linking helps visitors go to another page on a website that might be useful. However, irrelevant internal links can confuse readers, and they may leave that website.

Therefore, the best SEO company New Delhi ensures that their clients’ websites have logical internal links that are potentially useful for readers.

In this way, they increase the average session time of these websites, which is effective for SEO optimization.

In conclusion, a high bounce rate indicates that a particular content does not give a good user experience or meet the users’ expectations. Therefore, it signals to Google that the content is not worthy of a high rank on SERP. The best SEO company in Delhi, NCR,utilizes these five practices when they take projects from their clients to resolve bounce rate issues.

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