5 Products You Need in Your French Beauty Bag

French girl beauty is about natural, clear skin with exquisitely subtle makeup. It’s an effortless look. They aren’t trying too hard to achieve a perfect appearance. It’s more about feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out, regardless of age.


What’s their secret? Ask any French woman, and she’ll likely tell you that she has an established yet simple beauty routine that works for her. It’s also likely she works with what she has and embraces the way she looks. High-quality French makeup and skincare products that she can count on are other parts of the equation. To get radiant skin and achieve a barely-there makeup look, here are five products you need in your French beauty bag.

Micellar Water Cleanser

No longer France’s best-kept secret, micellar water may be one of the best beauty products to grace the faces of American women everywhere in the last few years. While light and gentle, it’s also a powerhouse for removing even the most stubborn makeup and impurities. And it doesn’t strip the skin like traditional cleansers or soap. Micellar water is a multi tasker that’s perfect for cleansing and moisturizing in one wipe. Your face will look and feel lighter and brighter—and you don’t rinse it off after application. French luxury makeup brands know how to do it right.

Dry Oil

Another amazing French product that’s designed to carry out multiple jobs at once is a dry oil that can be applied to the face, body, and hair. Many women have been watching their mothers and grandmothers use dry oil for years. Dry oils will leave your skin feeling hydrated without a greasy feeling. Try a luxurious all-over dry oil spray made with rose oils and vitamin E to soothe sensitive skin while targeting signs of aging and improving overall texture. It’s the total 3-in-1 product for your head-to-toe well-being.

Growth Booster Mascara

Healthy skin, and wellness in general, is essential to French women, so it’s not surprising then that this philosophy extends to other aspects, including eyelashes. Caring for your lashes is an important part of a French beauty routine. Strong, healthy lashes look even more beautiful when the mascara you’re wearing is formulated to activate lash growth while delivering volume, length, and thickness. A lash growth mascara is designed to visibly transform your lashes day after day. Who needs false eyelashes when you can condition and highlight the natural lashes you have? The French woman on the go most likely has a tube of mascara in her bag.

Red Lipstick

Signature red lips are the epitome of French chic. With glowing skin, growth-boosting mascara, and a red lipstick, you have a classic and effortless look. French women aren’t afraid to try color or new things, but once they figure out what works for them, they tend to stick to the tried-and-true beauty basics, including glamorous shades of red.

Lip Balm

On days or nights when you aren’t feeling a bold lip, those gorgeous lips still need to stay hydrated with a nourishing lip balm. That stunning, French woman no doubt has a well-loved, velvety-rich lip balm on her—and you should too!


BY TERRY is an award-winning French luxury beauty brand dedicated to developing premium makeup with skincare benefits and committed to celebrating the natural French look. The brand partners with retailers such as Harrods, Self ridges, Barneys New York, and Space NK. Developed and created in France, BY TERRY’s collection contains exceptional and luxurious products. Founder Terry de Gunzburg is an industry legend who has changed the face of beauty over the past 30 years. Her mission was to simply give women innovative, practical, and often multi-purpose products they need. She created products that weren’t based on the latest trends, but that were instead universal yet easy-to-use and accessible. She believes all women should own their beauty and not feel afraid to be bold.

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