5 Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Selling Your Home

There are lots of people with houses for sale in Jacksonville NC or your property’s particular city. How do you know that your realtor is putting forth their best effort? Sometimes, you need to ask hard questions. Below, we will break down 5 questions that you should ask your realtor while trying to sell your home.

1. How Many Sales Did You Get Last Year? If your realtor knows what they are doing, they will have a track record to prove it. That is why you should have no fear of asking them about their sales history. Think of it this way. If they are successful at what they do, they will be proud to share this information with you. After all, they want your business.

2. How Do You Calculate the Listing Price? An expert realtor has an advanced system that they use when calculating listing prices. Therefore, there is no reason you shouldn’t question them about their techniques right away. Ask them exactly how they calculate the listing price of your home, and how much they will sell it for at the minimum.

3. How Long Have You Been Doing This? Expertise can often be predicted by simply knowing how long somebody has been in a certain trade. With realtors, anything less than 5 years is generally a red flag. With certain exceptions, those in this industry for a shorter period than this might still have much to learn.

4. What is Your Sales/Marketing Plan? A good realtor knows exactly how they will sell your home. They already have lots of ideas in mind for selling it quickly and connecting with the largest possible audience. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask them upfront what their marketing/sales plan is!

5. How Long Will This Take? Many realtors have an average listing time. If they don’t, this might be an immediate red flag. Ask your realtor how long they think it will take to sell your home. Keep in mind that the average home sells within 60 – 80 days.

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