5 Realistic Playhouse Ideas for Your Kids, Plus Their Shocking Costs


Gone are the days when children would decorate a small space at home to play pretend like a real house. Have you seen Stormi Jenner’s stunning mansion playhouse that costs a hundred times more than the average middle-class home?

Well, it’s every child’s dream! 

There is a wide array of styles and interior designs available whether for ready-built or custom-made playhouses. Project home builders are not keeping it a secret, parents will likely spend up to 70,000 AUD to build a realistic playhouse. Can you imagine that? 

Then again, we all know how kids tend to lose their interest in a snap. So, questions are: “How long would they really play in their seventy-thousand-dollar mansion playhouse?” and “What happens to the playhouse when they’re done playing?”. Hmm, these might keep you thinking over and over before you finally jump in the bandwagon. But, to some parents, it’s always worth the risk as long as their kids are happy. 

Whether you are planning to get one for your child or just looking for ideas, here are some impressive playhouse designs your kids might be interested in. 


The Mini-mansion 

So much better than anyone’s apartment, this mini-mansion playhouse is pre-built. Because it’s quite huge in size, you have to purchase the playhouse in parts and have them assembled in your own backyard. It comes with triple door entries: a larger curved front door, another smaller doorstep on the side and a smaller curved door up in the balcony. Price starts at 51,000 AUD for every mansion playhouse.   


A Taste of Victorian Castle

Flamboyance is the name of the game if you want to achieve a taste of a classic all-white Victorian castle design for your child’s playhouse. What a grand way to make your child live a dream in a fairytale-like dimension. The price for this Victorian Castle playhouse is upon request from the builder. It’s really hard to name a price when it’s pretty expensive, right?


Camper House

Never thought that a camper house could be this cute. More and more homeowners are now opting for trailer houses and so are kids. This camper house is a lot smaller than the previous playhouse designs so expect them to be found at a cheaper price. But, it’s the pop of happy hues that made us include this one on the list. Also, children love to imagine they’re travelling the world in a trailer house so why not turn their little imagination into a reality?    


Pirate’s Ship with a Slide

Pirates are coming! Your boys will absolutely spend hours of playing in a pirate ship-inspired playhouse. How cool would it be to have one in the backyard? Their playmates will surely scream “This is awesome!”. 

Pirate ships are often hand-crafted, whose price usually starts at $10,000 depending on the size. If you are trying to recreate the one in the photo, you need to make sure you have a pretty large space to pull it off and to avoid taking up the entire yard as well. 


Tinkerbell’s Treehouse

Let your child live upon a neverending story with this Tinkerbell-inspired treehouse that will bring Neverland closer to your home. It takes a lot of intricate details to complete the entire peg of Tinkerbell’s house. But, you don’t really need to have a tree in the backyard to install this playhouse as it comes with a trunk of its own. 

You better hang on to your hat as we talk about the price. You might have thought the mini-mansion was the most expensive on our list but, Tinkerbell’s house was even pricier. 

So, how much does it cost to have this Tinkerbell’s treehouse installed in your backyard? $60,000! That doesn’t even include the shipping and assembly. But, don’t be surprised as the price only matches its amazing features such as working water wheel and pond, a large deck space, pieces of fairytale furniture and bunk beds that can sleep up to 5 kids. 


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