5 Reasons Penn Oaks Golf Club Can Replace Your Need for a Wedding Coordinator

Many of the folks searching for a wedding venue Chester County PA are using a wedding coordinator to help them sift through their options. In addition, a wedding coordinator can be very helpful while planning minor details. Below, we will describe why you should skip hiring a wedding coordinator and simply work with us here at Penn Oaks Golf Club!

1.We Can Handle Aesthetics of the Ceremony/Reception One of the reasons that you were probably thinking of hiring a wedding coordinator is that they can handle the aesthetics of your wedding. If you choose Penn Oaks Golf Club as your venue, this is something our management team can do for you! Of course, all plans will put your desires first.

2. We Will Work with Your Budget A wedding coordinator is known for their ability to work around your budget. After all, if you are having a wedding there is essentially an unlimited number of items you can buy. Our team at Penn Oaks Golf Club will put your budget first while planning out decorations, vendors, and so on.

3. We Can Provide Other Vendors A wedding coordinator is valuable for having various connections in the industry of wedding vendors including photographers, caterers, ministers, and so on. Here at Penn Oaks, we can also pull in our range of contacts to help you find the vendors that work the best for your needs.

4.We Will Plan with the Bride & Groom This is your wedding, and you are the people that we are celebrating. Therefore, it’s important that we place the opinions of the honored hosts ahead of others. We will work with you at each step to help ensure your wedding matches your dreams and expectations.

5. We Take on this Role Naturally Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we host wedding receptions all the time. After years and years of experience, we have learned what it takes to put on a great wedding. For this reason, we have adapted to take on the role of wedding coordinator naturally without the fancy name placard or title.

Still Searching for Your Wedding Venue? If you have been searching around for a great wedding venue in Pennsylvania, check out Penn Oaks Golf Club. We have a 5-star dining facility on site, excellent natural views, and an overall great wedding atmosphere. Visit our website to learn more about us and discover how to book us for your wedding.

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