5 Reasons Sparkling Wines are the Easiest to Pair with Food

Raising a toast forms the quintessential part of every party and celebration. Every happy occasion seems to be completed by raising some champagne or sparkling wine. There is a direct correlation between merriment and raising a toast. Enjoying a sparkling wine is indeed fun, but what about relishing some delectable foods as you sip on your wine? Quite a cherishable idea it is. Though selecting sparkling wines might just take a jiffy, selecting the perfect food option might take endless hours. Yes, it can be slightly hard to pair food with sparkling wine. But you don’t have to worry since we have got it covered.

This article will thoroughly state why sparkling wines may be the easiest thing to pair with food. 


Top 5 Grounds Stating Why Sparkling Wines are the Best to Pair with Food

Always remember, you can never go wrong with sparkling wines. Therefore, if you are worried about gifting your best friend, a wine gift is indeed an exemplary example. In fact, if you are having an evening party or anniversary celebration, popping champagne is mandatory. Don’t worry about the food,

Reason 1:  High Acidity Level 

Can you recollect the feeling after biting a lemon? It is likely that you will have a mouth-watering effect on the palate. Acidity leads to the production of saliva, which acts as an ideal contrast to heavy, salted, and oily foods like pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and so on. Cutting through those kinds of foods will certainly leave your palate feeling rejuvenated. 

Reason 2: Sparkling Wine Comprises Bubbles 

Yeah, you might already know that sparkling wines have bubbles. But the potential effervescence or the fizz, bubbles, perlage, froth, spume, and whatever you would like to call contributes to the palate-cleansing effect of the wine. So, in case you are swallowing down something greasy, it will make it easier to gulp down even the items that are cloying. Fried chicken, pizza, pasta, rich sauces, pastries, and all these greasies will be well satiated as you sip the sparkling wine alongside. 

Reason 3: Sparkling Wine Contain Moderate Alcohol Content 

One of the best parts about sparkling wine is its low to moderate alcohol content. Not only will it prevent you from feeling extremely tipsy but might also lead to fewer hangovers. Due to its limited alcohol content, it can be finely paired with seafood and vegetable items as compared to white wines or red wines. The moderate alcohol content (c12%) will offer a pleasant feeling rather than overpowering you. 

Reason 4: Varying Sweetness of Sparkling Wines 

This point is related to the first point talking about the high level of acidity found in sparkling wines. But, sometimes, the high acidity level isn’t even perceived because of its dosage. Talking about dosage, it is a combination of still wine and sugar that is added to the sparkling wine following the archaic method. The motive behind performing this activity is to balance the acidity. It is because of this balancing, you might not even realize that it is silently doing the work of cleansing the palate. 

It is a pretty surprising fact that sparkling wines were previously made in a very sweet style. Though presently the inclination is towards wines that are bone dry but one will still find sweet sparkling wines. If you are inquisitive about the sugar level in the wines, read the following:

  • Extra brut: 0-6 grams/liter, bone dry
  • Brut: 0-12 grams/liter, dry to very dry
  • Extra sec or Extra dry: 12-20 grams/liter, dry to moderately dry
  • Sec or Dry: 17-35 grams/liter, medium to medium sweet
  • Demi-sec: 35-50 grams/liter, sweet and majorly suited for desserts
  • Doux: >50 grams/liter, very sweet

Reason 5: Sparkling Wines are Quite Fun

Hardly anyone starts a celebration with a red wine since the effervescence adds to the fun factor of every party or celebration. In fact, a reunion is often celebrated with sparkling wines because of its merrymaking ability. The enormous styles of sparkling wines are noteworthy, and these are not only suited for aperitif and can be served from the beginning to the end of the meal. Choose anything from a Cava to Champagne, it is ought to make the celebration memorable. 

Listing Down Some of the Famous Sparkling Wines 

For newbies, knowing the types of wine is important. Get yourself the best wine coolers, and store them to relish anytime you wish.

  1. Metodo Ancestrale for a Casual Beginning: It’s a bone-dry, sparkling Lambrusco that suits the best with pizzas, finger foods, and even tempura.
  2. Processo: It’s more of a dry flora, abounding with an aroma of pear and apple. Pair it with baked pasta, fish, pesto, and more light dishes. 
  3. Metodo Classico: It resembles a similar method of Champagne, and it pairs perfectly with fish and seafood items. 

Some of the best foods to have with these bubbling wines are truffled popcorn, fried chicken, Indian curry, mature cheeses like aged cheddar, roasted hazelnuts, and so on. So, when are you popping your champagne?

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