5 Reasons That May Force You to Get an IPhone Battery Replacement in India?

iPhone is one of the most expensive products in the smartphone category. People who own it don’t leave a chance to flaunt it in front of their friends and family. But sometimes, due to some unforeseen situations, iPhones can experience physical damage as well. One such instance is when your iPhone battery doesn’t charge appropriately or discharges quickly. This is the reason due to which iPhone battery replacement in India has become common. Let’s study the causes responsible for the deterioration of iPhone batteries.

Plugging your iPhone into a laptop or computer that isn’t active.

What will you do if you forget to bring your iPhone charger? You will most probably plug your iPhone into your computer or laptop. But before plugging in, it would be best if you checked whether the computer is active or not. If the computer isn’t active, it may unnecessarily drain your iPhone’s battery. Moreover, if it happens frequently, you may have to visit an Apple service center to get your battery replaced.

Stop using the Facebook app.

If your iPhone’s battery is draining quickly, it may be because of using the Facebook app. A recent study by The Guardian points out that the Facebook app uses about 15% of your iPhone’s battery life. Instead, you can run the mobile version on your iPhone’s browser to save your battery.

Protect your iPhone from extremely hot temperatures.

One of the most critical reasons users require an iPhone battery replacement in India is that they expose their phones to extremely hot temperatures. Apple has clearly stated that exposing iPhones to temperatures exceeding 95° F can permanently damage the battery.

Here is a word of caution. If you store your iPhone in a freezing environment, you may notice a slight decrease in the charge level. But the battery will return to its normal state once you re-enter room temperature.

Disable notifications.

Do you realize how many times do notifications pop up on your iPhone screens? Whenever a notification or alert comes up, the iPhone’s screen becomes active. Moreover, users are tempted to unlock their phones and check the notifications. To prolong your iPhone’s battery life, you should disable notifications for all apps except for the ones that you use regularly.

Airplane mode is your savior

Do you know that your iPhone’s battery drains at a fast pace while searching for a signal in low service areas? To save your battery and prolong your battery life, you must switch your iPhone to airplane mode while you are in a subway or traveling through an airplane. The airplane mode will restrict you from making calls but will save your battery by preventing your iPhone from searching for a stronger signal.


An iPhone is a super-efficient, lightning-fast, expensive, and sophisticated machine. Undoubtedly, it’s the best smartphone in the market. But if you don’t take good care of its battery, you may have to visit a service center. You can opt for an iPhone battery replacement in India, where highly qualified technicians will run various diagnostic tests to repair your battery for such unfortunate circumstances.

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