5 Reasons to choose fibroblast skin tightening

There are several lotions and creams that market themselves with a promise of tighter skin as their unique selling point. As many of these are highly effective, none of them has the instantaneous effectiveness and longevity of this non-surgical process.

Your skin might look completely revitalized after as few as four treatments. Palmere plasma pen encourages the body to use its process to tighten the skin. Palmere plasma pen is generated by ionizing atmospheric gas that is infused into the skin through laser-made and microscopic incisions.

Diverse Application

The process of fibroblast skin tightening is accurate and precise. Due to this, the treatment might be harnessed for a huge variety of things. Not only may the fibroblast skin treatment be used to tighten the skin areas on the face, but it might also be used to deal with thread vein removal, benign lesion removal, and tattoo removal. Also, jawline tightening, scar removal, neck lifts, perioral lines, and crow’s feet removal.

Targets Many Areas

A wide range of women uses fibroblast skin tightening for many regions. Although the facial skin is most commonly treated, that includes the region around the mouth or eyelids, still it is also applicable to any body part where you will see skin flabs. The skin lining your neck and arms might also be tightened efficiently and refreshed by the fibroblast skin tightening process.

Short Recovery Period

Every skin care therapy has side effects. But, for fibroblast treatment, there are fewer side effects that fade out within a week. The treated region may develop mild swelling and redness, but that might subside in a few hours. Also, small carbon dots or crusts may form on the skin, but they last for a week after the skin sheds off to show fresh skin. Also, fibroblast skin tightening is not recommended for dark-toned individuals as it might lead to hyperpigmentation.


The effect of the treatment is quick. It is no doubt guaranteed that you might see a marked and visible difference in the skin quality quickly after your first treatment. Also, your potential skin might not be reached until you have undergone four or three sessions, the speed at which it might give a full effect. It is also proven that fibroblast tightening skin is more effective than any non-surgical skin solution.

Long-Lasting Effects

After having 4 to 5 sessions with your skin expert or trusted dermatologist, you are ready to see the world with your new skin. After a few weeks, your skin might provide you with the final outcomes. Also, there is no surgery involved, and the effects might last for years, varying on the skin region.

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