5 Reasons to consider installing outdoor artificial turf on Ibiza in your home or business:

Outdoor artificial turf on Ibiza tends to be neglected in gardening projects, mainly due to its unfair reputation for being a dull and “fake” alternative. But with new technologies, synthetic grass has evolved so much that it is really similar to real grass, and in some cases, you can’t tell the difference until you touch the grass.

In addition, trafficmaster pet turf on Ibiza is no longer used only in gardens. Because due to its versatility, it has been widely used in playgrounds, shopping malls, apartments, balconies, soccer fields, golf courses, and so on.

But the benefits of installing artificial grass go far beyond aesthetics, so we have selected 5 reasons to consider installing artificial grass for home on Ibiza. After this post, you will see how this is a great alternative that may be perfect for you.

  1. Pruning will be a thing of the past:

One of the most time and money consuming things for those who own an area with natural grass is pruning. After all, some types of natural grass have rapid growth and therefore need constant pruning and fertilization.

  1. Say goodbye to wasting water:

An interesting curiosity is that a society football field with natural grass must be watered weekly (depending on the weather). That generates a monthly expenditure of approximately 15,000 liters of water, depending on the species of grass.

Although obvious, it is worth mentioning that synthetic grass does not need to be watered, because of this, it will not suffer when the reservoirs are at critical levels, which will save your time and, more importantly, keeping your water bill low.

  1. No mud on rainy days:

In contact with the water, the earth becomes mud, and it takes almost a miracle to remove it from clothes, carpet, and other items that can be affected.

With artificial garden turf on Ibiza, however, the surfaces are so durable that they can withstand even the most torrential rain of all without damage and headaches, great news for gardeners!

  1. A perfect place for children and animals:

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of artificial grass, but children and animals also will too. The synthetic grasses have a special treatment with antibacterial action, which retains the proliferation of unwanted organisms, which also helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

  1. Long-term investment:

Although the installation is expensive, it will certainly be worth the investment. If we take into account everything you save on fertilizer, pruner, or any other machine or maintenance services.

Find one of the best artificial grass dealers on Ibiza and enjoy the beauty of artificial grass!







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