5 reasons to knockdown and rebuild

Do you love where you live, but feel it may be time to move to a bigger, newer home? Common reasons for considering to sell up include a growing family, expanding home business, or simply the need for a more functional layout. Custom Granny Flats Sydney

The good news is that moving is not your only option. The best solution could be to knock down your existing home and rebuilding a custom built home, with everything you want, exactly where you want it, in exactly the location you want to live.

Here are five reasons to consider knocking down and rebuilding:

  1. You love where you live. It doesn’t matter why, you just do – it’s the suburb, the street, the neighbours, the view. It’s your community.
  2. Getting the right price for your home is not guaranteed. Sydney sellers have been forced to drop asking prices because of buyer fatigue. On average, sellers in Sutherland slashed more than 15 per cent off listed prices, while in Narrabeen, Cammeray and Coogee asking prices dropped by more than 10 per cent.
  3. The sell/buy process can be prohibitively expensive. With marketing fees, agent commissions and stamp duty in Sydney so high, you are behind the mark before you even start. If you’re already looking, you may have given up on finding what you want in the next home, either compromising on location or settling for a less than perfect house to stay in budget.
  4. Don’t expect a ‘renovator’s delight’ at bargain prices. A dilapidated house, like this deceased estate in North Curl Curl, is considered a blank canvas, creating strong demand and the possibility of increasing prices. What’s more, renovating old homes can be more complex and far more expensive than anticipated.
  5. A rebuild is often cheaper per square metre than selling and buying, or a major renovation. Your home will be custom built; every detail chosen by you, designed for your specific needs and your family’s lifestyle.

The team at Brickwood Homes has been building homes for more than 25 years. We know that designing a custom home for an existing block isn’t about selecting a picture from a catalogue and dropping it on your land. That’s why we develop a concept floor plan that you can literally walk through and refine before building starts at our Lifesize Plans facility.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your new home. Drop in to Brickwood Homes, or call us on 1300 111 202 to learn more about how Brickwood Homes can help you.

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