Nowadays, whether it is distributors, dealers, or customers, all of them want to do their business digitally. They have high expectations from the digital world since it is so much in demand. Building up personal relationships and contacts traditionally with the customers is still very important but doing business digitally is quite easy and convenient. That is why the chemical industry is also opting for the digital universe and because of which the b2b chemical marketplace is increasing.

But finding the right b2b chemical marketplace that can make your work easy is quite a task. There are numerous products available on the market which are off-the-shelf. You need to think about how smoothly the product will integrate and how the licensing will be managed. The easy and effortless service online takes the chemical industry to the boom. Also, future-proofing and the list of vendors you want to work with are very important.

So, here is the 5 reasons to use an online b2b chemical marketplace:

Self-Service Through Digital Experience

A b2b chemical marketplace helps you to manage your relationship with partners, distributors, and customers from a single platform. It provides a full catalog of products and services and helps you with complex product configuration. The marketplace allows the customers to manage their own accounts in the way they want. They can check their previous orders and place new orders as well. Customers can also set their budget according to which they can purchase.

Eliminating Manual Processing Results

With the b2b chemical marketplace, instead of focusing and replying to daily purchases and inquiries, you can focus more on ongoing relationships with your distributors, partners, dealers, and customers. You can focus more on strategies to encourage the customers more and more to purchase digitally easily.

Real-Time Insights

A b2b chemical marketplace allows you to manage your entire catalog and content from one single platform. It makes order processing quick and easy across all channels. Activities like omnichannel fulfillment, bulk orders, or order renewals of the chemical products become easy. You also build your online community of the same industry and make the right decisions about purchases and also increase the product knowledge which is available in the market.

SAP Cloud Solution With Lower TCO

Usually, all the b2b chemical marketplace are SAP qualified that run on the SAP cloud platform. It is fully integrated with cloud SAP backend systems such as S/4 HANA, ECC, and S/4 HANA cloud. It ensures that the business benefits from the lower cost of ownership (TCO).

Get Set Go

In the b2b chemical marketplace, unique UX experience with the latest SAP technology to enjoy rapid implementation within a fixed scope and price. You can create a strong record and deliver portals to ensure the highest level of quality of the marketplace.

No matter what type of chemical you want to do business with, the b2b chemical marketplace is best for chemical products and services. You can quickly and efficiently reap the benefits and provide amazing service to your distributors, partners, and customers.

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